Caught up in a drink driving accident? Here’s what you should do

There are some pretty selfish people out there. And those who decide to get behind the wheel after they’ve been drinking are the worst. They’re not only putting their own lives at risk and ruining the lives of their own families, but they could kill someone else as well as members of their family.

As a parent, the idea of getting involved in a DUI accident is terrifying to say the least. But sadly, there’s very little we can do to control the selfish actions of others. We can amend our driving techniques and try our best to not drive at night, be more vigilant behind the wheel and try our best to avoid bad drivers, but it’s also a good idea to know what to do if you find yourself involved in an accident like this. That way you can make informed decisions and be in the strongest legal position possible – click the link if you want to speak to an injury lawyer

Read on for what you should do next if you’re the victim of a drink driving accident. 

Remain calm

Ok, so you’ve been struck by a drunk driver. You’re terrified and potentially injured. You need to remain calm and breathe. If you have your children or passengers in the car, see if they’re injured and if possible, get yourself and everyone out of the vehicle so you’re no longer in immediate danger.

Call the emergency services

You’ll need to phone for an ambulance and the police. The police report will ensure that your insurance and personal injury claim is fully backed should there be discrepancies with the other party. 

Get as much contact information as you can

The other driver may be impaired, but you need to get as much information from them as possible. Their name, their contact details, insurance information and any other details you may think are relevant. If there are witnesses of the accident try to get their details too. Your lawyer will be able to reach out to them for you further down the line.

Take as many photos as you can

Luckily, these days we all have access to the camera on our phones. This means you’ll be able to take photographs of the scene and use them as evidence in your case. You’ll also be able to use them to prove or disprove claims made by the other party. Take pictures of your injuries, injuries sustained by your passengers, the vehicles involved, the road conditions, the damage to the vehicles and the scene in general. You should take note of things like the time and the weather.

Write down what you believe happened

Writing down what you believe happened is a great way to preserve your memory whilst the images are fresh in your mind. You’ll also get to speak with the police about what happened but if you’re unsure of what occurred, try not to guess or assume you know what went on.

Speak with a personal injury lawyer

You’re going to need compensation for your physical and mental damages. So, speak with a personal injury lawyer to get your case started as soon as possible. 


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