Blogging Tips: 5 Awesome PlugIns to Up-Level your Fonts

Up levelling. It’s a phrase I’ve been reading a lot whilst doing year two English with my seven year old.

Can you please up-level this sentence.

The dinosaur ate dinner.

Year 2 Teacher

Which basically means adding adjectives, expanded nouns, verbs, WOW words. I know right. It’s a lot different to the English I remember when I was seven!

It got me thinking. Writing is all about being more interesting, grabbing the attention of the reader. Both with words and being aesthetically pleasing.

Enter eye catching fonts.

But just how do you change up your fonts on screen without having to become an expert at html? Simple. You download a WordPress PlugIn that does it for you.

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But how to choose? Here are five of the best font up-levelling WordPress PlugIns to make your life a little easier and your blog that little bit snazzier!


The first wordpress font plugin on the list is Fontsy.

Fontsy WordPress Plugin is the all in one web font management plugin that allows you to import your own fonts, or choose from their free web font library.

No matter what you need there will be a font that is perfect for you, with over 1300 free and premium fonts to choose from.

What are you waiting for?


Easy Google Fonts

With over 600+ google fonts and font variants this plugin is a simple and easy way to add custom google fonts without coding.

Not only that but this plugin integrates with the WordPress customiser so you can preview google fonts on your site in realtime. They also boast that they are compatible with ANY theme. A plus to stop you worrying whether your funky font will make your site crash.

Font Awesome

Maybe it’s not typography that you want to update, maybe you want to insert some cool icons. Enter Font Awesome. With over 7000 icons including apple, blind, first aid kit, there is something for every site.

Once the plugin is set up and installed you simply insert icons by using a short name you have set up, or editing html. A little more work perhaps than others mentioned, but who doesn’t want a stroopwaffle icon??

Google Fonts Typography

With the Google Fonts library currently containing 877 unique fonts, Google Fonts Typography allows you access to all. Allowing you to choose between fonts for headings, quotes and content it is easy to customise without struggling with coding.

This also comes with a live preview so you can really visualise your changes as you go along. Once you’re happy, press save and your snazzy new site is up and running immediately.

Custom Fonts

For those with a little more coding know-how, Custom Fonts allows you to easily embed custom font files within your site. Compatible with some WordPress themes Custom Fonts goes the extra mile by allowing you to write the custom CSS to apply the fonts should your theme not be supported.

Do you use custom fonts?

Do you find that they make your blog posts stand out from the crowd and in turn get more engagement?

5 Awesome Font plugins to make your WordPress blog stand out

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