The Benefits of Extra-Curricular Activities for Children

As parents, we tend to emphasise a child’s academic performance when it comes to their learning and development. However, extra-curricular activities are also great for helping a child progress and build new skills. Pursuing hobbies is not only brilliant for their personal development, it’s also an opportunity for them to learn various soft skills that they can transfer across other areas of their lives. I have teamed up with a primary school in Hillingdon to explore the benefits of extra-curricular activities in further detail. 

Productive Use of Time

Nowadays, many parents are worried that their kids are spending too much time on their smartphones and other digital devices. An extra-curricular activity is a great opportunity for them to use their time more productively and perhaps in an even healthier manner. 

Improves Time Management Skills

Juggling schoolwork, a social life, relaxation, chores, and an extra-curricular activity helps children become better at managing their time. This is an important skill that helps with organisation, and one that even many adults are unable to master. Time management is an admirable skill that universities and employers will look favourably upon.

Boost Confidence

Meeting new people and develop various skills and talents is great for a child’s self-esteem. If they win a football game or perform a piece of music in front of an audience, their confidence will grow. Building strong relationships with likeminded people will also help assure your child that they have a strong support system. As a result, they may feel more comfortable taking risks, dealing with awkward situations, and raising their hand in class. 

It’s important that your child chooses their own hobby to pursue. If you encourage them to take part in something that doesn’t particularly interest them, it will be a waste of everyone’s time and probably your money. There are lots of hobbies to choose from, so talk it through with your child and let them know what their options are. 

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