Helping Your Child Develop Their Vocabulary

Before a child learns about writing and reading at a more developed level they need to be taught how to pronounce words, develop vocabulary and be able to have a general sense of how sentences can be formed. It’s a much easier process for your child if they have a broad understanding of speech; they’ll be able to write down the words by using the sounds they make. 

So how do we practice vocabulary with our children? This literacy consultancy has provided us with top tips for developing your child’s language skills.

Reading exercises

Practicing sentence structures, vowel sounds and understanding consonants will help them learn how to say words more coherently and succinctly. With books all around them at a library they’re able to practice more frequently through regular reading activity with their parents and friends, as well as taking part in activities that libraries and schools put together that encourages children to read more.

Suggesting different synonyms

Your child will be learning the basics in no time – hot, cold, wet, dry, and others. You obviously know many more synonyms that can be used in different scenarios, so why not try to incorporate these into your child’s learning? Give them multiple ways to say the same things and see how many they can begin to say on their own over time.

Add labels to your child’s items

From their toys to their hairbrushes, organise your child’s things by labelling them accordingly and seeing if your child remembers each of the names. Ask them to help you write the labels onto the boxes and items for you to help them practice their letters and writing skill.

Practice rhymes

On a regular basis sing different rhymes and songs with your child to get them to remember how letters sound and are pronounced in their head. Repetitive songs like these are great for kids to begin to learn words off by heart and start to put their own sentences together without a direct guide.

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