How to uplift your kitchen cupboards

Have you moved into a new home and can’t stand the kitchen cupboards? Have you been in your house for years and decided that it’s time for a makeover? When it comes to kitchen cupboards I’m a bit picky – can’t stand those all-brown classic kitchen cupboards and, honestly, I’m not a fan of the modern all-white handless kitchen cupboards. Both of these styles are dull to me, there’s not much personality or colour, and for me, a home without personality isn’t homely. Might as well be just a show home, you know? 

Anyway, rant over. Today, we’re speaking about kitchen cupboards and how to refresh them. I’m all for colourful kitchen cupboards that make your kitchen that bit more special. After all, we tend to spend a lot of time in our kitchens, so it’s essential to make it feel and look its best. I love spending time in my kitchen – whether I’m making a quick healthy breakfast or a full-on Sunday lunch, some of my favourite memories are made in the kitchen. 

Want to completely change your kitchen cupboards?

Replacing your old and outdated kitchen cupboards is an option. I’m not talking about getting a fully fitted kitchen, simply replace the fronts of the cupboards to give your whole kitchen a new look. Speedy Fixings stock angle bracketsand a variety of other hardware that you’ll need to replace your kitchen cupboards. Speedy Fixings, UK fastenings and fixings supplier, also stock the tools you’ll require to make any home repairs and renovations, so no more asking your neighbour for their spare screwdriver, it’s time to get your own.

Want to give your kitchen cupboards a makeover?

Painting your kitchen cupboards is one of the easiest ways (if not the easiest!) of refreshing them. Laura from Beautiful Mess shared a blog post on how she gave her kitchen cabinets a quick uplift in an afternoon, which included cleaning and de-griming the cabinets, lightly sanding the cabinets and then giving them a paint touch up. A quick refresh that truly made a difference!

The only good thing about a cream kitchen or white kitchen is that these “act as a blank canvas, meaning you can easily give your kitchen a fresh feel by updating your cupboards in the latest colours.” as this article on Ideal Home mentions. You can go for your favourite colours or play around with neutral tones and more bright ones for a unique look. Want some inspiration? Browse Country Living ideas to redo kitchen cabinets – they’ve shared a variety of stunning before and after kitchen cabinet renovations that I’m sure you’ll love!

Changing the ironmongery will also have a great impact on the overall look of your kitchen cupboards. This includes cupboard handles and other ironmongery, such as door hinges. These come in various designs, styles and finishes, so finding the perfect ironmongery for your kitchen shouldn’t be an issue. 

Are you going to give your kitchen cabinets an uplift?

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