Make Your Christmas Sparkle By Going In With A Plan!

Getting your Christmas decorations in place should be a fun and relaxing time. Leaving it until the last minute can make it anything but! 

By unleashing your creative potential, you can make your home the real festive masterpiece this year. T I know this is where we seehink outside the box – you are not limited to any traditional colors or styles – the sky is the limit! 

From the tree to the lights and decorations, there is much to ponder. A little planning goes a long way it can make your experience more enjoyable, less stressful, and if you start early enough, cheaper. What’s not to love! 

This article helps you simplify Christmas and make your home something to be proud of to enjoy with your family this year.

Getting creative

To save money in this stress it is time to get creative. You do not need to buy brand new decorations for every sideboard, table, or surface. Instead, you can simply pimp up some of your existing ornaments with festive cheer. 

A few nice touches like holly, tinsel or glitter can wow your family and guests just as much a brand-new Christmas ornaments that will only see the light of day once a year. 

You also have as much creative license with your Christmas tree as you do with other aspects of your home. Unlike years gone by, Christmas trees come in all shapes and assortments. From white synthetic trees to traditional real pines, the world is your oyster when deciding which type of tree fits your home environment best. 

Think about which direction you are planning to take the decorations and styles in. Are you looking for a more contemporary, slick modern look? Or do you plan to honor the deep greens, reds and golds associated with more traditional Christmas memories? Either will look great but try not to combine the two as it can quickly look disjointed if you do.

Light it up

No tree, or home, is complete during the holiday season without some well-placed lights. Whether bright or subtle, some well-placed lights can really make a big difference to any tree and make it the center of attention it should be in every home. 

Ultimately, lights should make the tree look welcoming and cosy. Your whole family will love the sparkle it brings, and it will help create unforgettable family memories. 

Next, round off your tree display with a topping. This can be an angel, cherub, or a more modern alternative. The one practical thing to take into account is the weight – make sure you get something suitable for your tree that it can safely hold!

DIY decorations

Making your own Christmas decorations can seem like you are penny pinching. This could not be further from the truth and making your own can become a great family Christmas tradition. Not only can you and the kids have some fun along the way, you can also come up with creations that fit exactly what you are trying to do. Better yet, you can save some hard-earned dollars along the way!

When your friends and family come to visit, your little ones will love to see the attention their home-made creations get! Straight away you will have created yet another talking point for the Christmas table. 

Think about some different decorations for all parts of your home. Keep the same theme and color palette, but come up with table centerpieces, a wreath for the door, and some finishing for the walls and surfaces. You could even come up with a family signature emblem to add to each of your items to make them even more special. 

DIY Letter from Santa

Choosing your tree

Another thing to remember with your tree is that it does not have to be perfect. A slightly off kilter tree or a slightly different shape can add a lot of character to a room, and even be a nice talking point in its own right. 

Whichever way, use the tree to create a focal point for your room and an area where the family will create cherished memories that will live on for years to come. Enjoy your experience this Christmas – plan and think ahead and you will love the results!

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