Teaching Your Child to Resist Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is one of many obstacles your child will face as they grow older, and us parents have to be prepared for what may come. With lessons in school on hard subjects, and children becoming more aware of the dangers, there are ways to help your child with their resistance to outside pressures.

In this guide from a boarding school in Wales we take a look at the ways you can educate your child to resist peer pressure from their friends, family and strangers.

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Show your child the consequences

Your child’s school will touch upon these areas, some more than others, so reaffirming what they’ve been taught in school will remind them of the dangers of what can happen. For instance, getting involved with alcohol or smoking are very scary things for children to get involved with and can give them lasting effects on their health and lifestyle choices. Similarly, bad behaviour motivated by friends can also mean they’re more likely to talk back and cause arguments in the home – something no one enjoys.

Monitor who your child hangs out with

For the most part a child’s friendship circle dictates what influences them in the future. Get to know them and understand their general motives when they’re around your child, or encourage your child’s parents to come visit so that they can play together. You’ll soon have a general sense of who your child hangs around with and if they’re a direct influence on their choices.

Teach your child to say “no”

No is a complete sentence, so encourage your child to use it. Having the chance to train your child to do so is even better by modelling rejection and discipline at home. Your child will therefore learn how to be grateful for what they have and how they can express compassion instead of falling to peer pressure in their friendship circles.

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