Top Tips for Teaching Your Child to Read

Reading is a valuable tool that children should take up each week, especially when they’re younger to improve their English skills, writing and listening abilities. There are a heap of benefits for children to continually read as they go through their school years and beyond, and here are some top tips you can use to teach your child to read from a girls prep school.

Practice makes perfect

It might sound like an obvious one, but having regular practice with your child will give them a chance to repeat complicated words and sentences. Even picture books are a great way of having your child look and visualise parts of the story that can seem daunting to them at first. Give them direction to continue practicing each week with a new book ready for them to pick up once you’ve finished.

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Ask your child to describe things in day-to-day life

Away from reading and writing there are ways you can use their skills from reading in other ways. A large portion of improving a child’s reading skills is being able to describe different things they encounter, such as people, animals, objects and toys. When they come back to their reading book they’ll be able to look at things that are being described in the books and are able to understand a lot more than before.

Try different book genres to see what they enjoy

If your child isn’t keen on traditional fiction stories, or a big fantasy novel, there are a host of different genres they can try that will interest them more. Visual novels are incredibly popular, and comics are still teaching children to read and understand a story but in a different way. They’re still absorbing knowledge and enjoying what they’re reading and practicing their skills at the same time, all whilst enjoying what they’re reading and not feeling overwhelmed every time they pick up a book.

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