Helping Your Child Choose Their A Levels

Many teens get very anxious about choosing their A Levels. It’s a worrying time because to them at least, it feels as though they’re deciding their whole future!

Keep reassuring them that they’re not.

A Levels only represent one portion of their educational journey and there’s always a way around things if they decide they’ve made a mistake later down the line. Encouraging your child to think carefully about their choices is vital. They should definitely talk to their friends about it but avoid being influenced by their decisions. Just because their friend is taking English Literature, doesn’t follow that they should. 

Discuss their possible career paths. This will inform their A Level choices but remember, not all children know at this age what they want to do at university, never mind as a career! In this case, it’s better to concentrate on the subjects which they enjoy the most. This will result in better engagement in the lessons. They shouldn’t take maths and science because they think it’s the right thing to do – not if they absolutely adore English and History!

Helping Your Child Choose Their A Levels

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It’s also important not to unwittingly convince your child to make choices they might not have made otherwise. Comments like “but you were always good at art!” won’t help them. They should know by this age what they enjoy most and if they’re unsure, then choosing the subjects at which they usually get the highest grades is a good plan.

You can also book a chat with their form tutor if you’re both still confused. Most schools, like this independent college in Somerset are more than happy to help your child make a good choice.

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