On life and dropping the ball

Way back when I first started blogging I saw other bloggers posting that they had run out of time to write, or ideas, or that they were stepping back because of the children.

I didn’t really understand it then, involved in the first flush of love for all things blogging.

Fast forward seven years (and a pandemic) and I finally get it.

My life now is so different to when I began. I have gone from being a newly-married mother of one, to a happily married mother of three.

Life is hectic

Even without the constant push and pull of after school activities, which are only just starting back up here, the demands on me are still there.

And they feel constant.

Now I have all three of them in some form of education five days a week I seem to be busier than ever. And more inclined to drop the ball.

Blog included.

So this is my welcome back post. My explanation of where I’ve been post. And my I’m sorry I just dropped the ball post.

Where have I been??

Here, there and everywhere all without leaving our house. We’ve been in and out of school like a jack in the box, I’ve started working more, and we had COVID in the house in January. Which is how it’s now nearly the end of February and I’m only just getting round to this….

I love blogging

And writing about what we’ve been up to. The challenges we’ve faced being expats in Doha while a pandemic was raging across the world. The issues I’ve had with three boys.

I find it cathartic and stress relieving. Having everything down on paper helps me process, analyse and BREATHE!

Except now my boys are older. They can both read and they both know that I blog, Instagram and Facebook. They know that their photos are out there.

And that gives me pause for thought.

I can’t share without their permission. It’s not fair for me to verbalise their thoughts and feelings.

I need to take time to re-assess what is and isn’t shared, because as with every family we have our good days, our bad days and our in-between days. And while it’s fine to share my perspective and feelings I have the sense that it’s no longer fine to share theirs.

I love working

As that’s another new development going on behind the scenes. Freelancing work has turned into something more, again something which I never expected way back when I pulled the laptop towards me and I started rambling.

The skills I have learnt from running my own blog have turned into something more.

And it’s incredible that I am able to do this.

But it means that less of my time is my own, and things get dropped, and when someone is asking you to do one thing, and someone else another, before you know it three months have passed and you haven’t written a word.

I resolve to do more

Or at least be more effective. The way that this blog has grown from a tiny fledging thing to what it is today means a lot to me. The words I have written through many a sleepless night bring those baby days flooding back, seeing the photos that I shared and the adventures we have gone on brings it all flooding back like it was yesterday.

That’s worth me taking the time to write and update. To document our family life.

So take it from me – I’m back now. I might be sporadic, but I won’t drop the ball again….


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