Keep Calm and Carry-On: Maintaining Your Appearance While Travelling

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Setting sail can often mean neglecting personal grooming. But who says globetrotting means arriving looking rundown? No way! In today’s age of portable conveniences, there’s no reason why looking your best shouldn’t continue even when thousands of miles from your own boudoir!

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Your Carry-On Essentials

Carry-on luggage is essential, so ensure it contains essentials. Avoid taking up space with bulky shampoo bottles or large make-up collections – instead opt for travel-friendly grooming products like miniature razors, travel-size toothpaste, skin cream pots and pocket mirrors that can come in handy while out and about.

Wrinkle-Free Packing

Travel can be fraught with wrinkles – not just those on your forehead! Wrinkled clothing can put an unfortunate damper on any otherwise dashing appearance. But worry not: the solution lies within how you pack. Simply roll, don’t fold! In addition, consider investing in a portable clothing steamer to give yourself that added boost towards wrinkle-free chicness!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Travel can take its toll on your complexion, with dry air in plane cabins and unpredictable weather changes taking their toll. Hydration is your ally! Start by drinking plenty of water – drinking this will benefit both your body and skin! Next, carry around a travel-sized facial mist; even just one quick spritz can rejuvenate and revive tired skin! Finally, don’t forget a high quality moisturiser; even just pea-sized amounts should suffice in protecting it from dryness and keeping you looking rejuvenated!

Make Sure Not to Neglect Your Tresses

While many of us tend to focus on skin and clothing care, our crowning glory – hair – often gets neglected. However, it is crucial that it receives equal love and care, particularly while travelling. Travel hair brushes can help keep your locks neatly styled; dry shampoo can come in handy on days where a full wash simply isn’t possible: simply spray and scrunch and you’re good to go!

Keep That Smile Gleaming

Your pearly whites are your most attractive asset, so take extra special care in maintaining oral hygiene during travel. Don’t let holiday feasting derail your daily oral care regimen: travel-size toothpaste and foldable toothbrush should both be part of your toiletry bag for travel; brush twice daily to keep dentist visits away! Keep your teeth straight with clear aligners, and your smile will be camera-ready in next to no time. They come with hassle-free travel cases, so you can keep them safe and sound without having to make extra space in your suitcase.

Know Your Products

As much as we may love our favourite brands at home, travelling requires switching over to travel-friendly versions of those same products that you use regularly at home. There are countless TSA approved items (mini and sample sizes) on the market which are great for jet setting. A great way to save time and money when grooming products while travelling involves looking for multipurpose options like all-in-one BB creams; face wipes which remove makeup or cleanse skin simultaneously; long wear lipstick which doubles up as cream blush; etc.

Conclusion: Travel Smart, Look Smashing 

Travelling shouldn’t mean having to sacrifice your appearance – with some smart choices and careful planning, you can keep up your stylish persona wherever your journey may lead you! So next time you set off on an adventure remember: keep calm, carry-on and stay fabulous!

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