The Wrong Viral Message

The Wrong Viral Message

Social Media is a powerful tool, but it feels that all too often the wrong message is being promoted.  From the likes of Katie Whatsherface to the latest “viral” breastfeeding message.

Which brings me nicely to the exact WRONG message I want to talk about.  The breastfeeding one.

I didn’t realise that I am actually a little bit of a crusader with this cause and I am joining forces with the fabulous Boobie Milk to help promote the #PositiveAboutBF message but more on that later.

I want to talk about the wrong viral messages.  The fact that a wonderful resource for supporting breastfeeding mothers Free to Feed has now felt the need to delete the page due to cyber bullies. The fact that the things that get people talking are always the wrong message. The fact that these messages are being used to fuel a mummy war that I’m not entirely sure exists to the extremes that the media makes out.

The girl who posted her picture up of breastfeeding.

That would have been lovely.

While drinking from a bottle of wine.

OK I get it, proving a point I guess

With your toddler flipping the finger.

Why would you even post that? Or think it was funny?

In my opinion that’s just teaching your child basic disrespect for others and while doing so you’re probably making many of the people who would have probably understood the message you were, badly, trying to give think why should they even bother? Why should we try to make a difference in the world?

There could have been a much classier way of doing this. Showing that it is ok to have a drink and feed. Maybe holding a champagne glass up while breastfeeding your youngest while cuddling your eldest? IF that was the message you were trying to promote.

The problem is people want to go viral. I’m the same. I would love to have a viral post, heck I loved it when I did with my Huffington Post 11 Mums You Find at Baby Group. I didn’t like when I got less than pleasant comments on it though.

So a post like above? On such a passionate subject like breastfeeding? What comments would you have got? What our your children going to see? And the way cyber bullying works did you get hateful comments on your most precious bundles of joy? How does that make you feel? Are you actually feeling the bravado you are posting, and if you are, is that because you were only looking for your 5 minutes of fame? Or are the negatives now outweighing the notoriety?

Is all of this happening because it is the 5 second shock factor posts going viral? The ones that provoke an immediate negative response?

Just because it seems that only the WRONG messages are going viral that doesn’t mean that the right messages can’t either.

Which is where we are looking at being #PositiveAboutBF. As I said I am taking a large admin role in the wonderful Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt with Boobie Milk because I love the positive message it promotes. As a spin off, alongside some like-minded bloggers #PositiveAboutBF has been born. To spread the right kind of viral message. To celebrate the achievement that we have through breastfeeding. To show us all in a positive light. And the big difference? We are doing this, not to “bressure” you or make you feel judged. We celebrate your achievements just as much as our own.

Which is the RIGHT message we are wanting to promote:

I am not raining on your parade I am celebrating my own.

We are celebrating #PositiveAboutBF and #PositivityinMotherhood. Let us not berate each other, let us stop being each other’s biggest critics and become each other’s biggest supporters. Let us spread the positive message far and wide and get the RIGHT messages going viral this time.


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