30 things for a special persons 30th Birthday

So March is the month of birthdays it would seem, first the husband, and today it is the turn of one of my best friends and bridesmaids to turn 30 (yes she is the youngest, lagging behind) we met at University 10 years ago and in light of that I thought I would share 30 things about our friendship journey.  Reading back through them, a lot of concerned with drinking!

Perla Mouse,

1. No matter who you are, a pink string vest dress is NEVER a good look< 2. I love our stupid nicknames that only we think are funny....Our Lil and little Perla Mouse 3. Cheap wine is not worth it, splash out and enjoy it at least, then pay with the hangover in the morning 4. “That’s very you” is in fact a major compliment

5. Maynards Sports Mix are in fact the best sweeties in the world

6. In light of number 5, writing to Maynards to inform them that there are no longer yellow (PINEAPPLE!) sweeties in the bag results in best friend brownie points for life along with a gift voucher

7. Keeping on the sweetie theme I am glad that we are sweetie compatible, though I don’t understand how you think yellow and green are the worst sweets.  Orange is fair game for either

8. A night in with Disney Princess songs and wine is an acceptable cure for a broken heart

9. Day drinking, I can’t do it, you can’t do it, doesn’t stop us trying every time we meet up

10. And it leads to sending the dog up the stairs while you try to recover from the start of a 3 week hangover and jumping on you, sorry about that….

11. McDonalds, despite being amazing, is not a good cure for a hangover

12. The best type of dancing is to ultimate cheese especially to the “Baywatch” theme tune

13. Travelling the world doesn’t mean you forget about people, and postcards are always appreciated (and kept in my recipe book!)

14. I knew I had a friend for life when you got on with my oldest (other) BFF

15. I just need you to know that there is NO need to iron everything.  Not hankies.  Not facecloths.  These things make me wonder about you at times……

16. I am glad that there is someone out there who loves Paul Hollywood as much as me

17. Its nice to wake up to a message reminding me that Bake Off has been on and to watch it on iPlayer.  Same with the Voice.  And Take Me Out.

18. AND Its nice that someone else shares the same love of trashy TV when the husband clearly hates it

19. ANNNNND the same love of baby names, I may never get Matilda past the husband but at least you approve.  Shame the baby isn’t half yours then if it was a girl it would be Matilda Florence….just saying…

20. Playing drinking games results in vomiting, and vomiting means game over.  Edward Scissorhands = bad.  Never have I ever = bad

21. Pretending to do the shot of vodka lined up so the housemate did hers and promptly vomited was mean (though fair play to her, she brushed her teeth and came out!)

22. And back on the drinking, no matter how cool we thought we were at Uni, a pint of wine with a straw is NOT classy

23. 2 glasses of fizz is always better than one!

24. Fishnet stockings.  Just no.

25. Some of our funniest moments have occurred in the kitchen, I particularly remember dancing round cooking chilli while singing “I’m not your Superwoman” into utensils….

26. We’ve always been there to pick each other up after various heart breaks

27. And are always indignant on the others behalf

28. Hats and fascinators are an essential embellishment for the races (and any other time)

29. Despite being 6143km apart we are both living expat lives and I know you are still there for me, the wonders of technology and whatsapp.  Looking forward to coming to Portugal in September and think you pair need to head out east….

30. Though we think we have grown up in the past 10 years at heart we are still those young 20 and 22 year olds at heart….and we always will be.


Happy Birthday!!

Lots of Love,

Lil xx

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