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I went food shopping today.  And spent a fortune.  An absolute fortune.  783 Dirhams to be exact.  On food.  For a week.  For those of you not in Dubai 1 dirham is approximately 18 pence.  So 783 of them is equal to ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY SEVEN POUNDS (and 96 pence).  On food.  For a week.

For a week.

A week!!!

In the UK, even when I was in London, I was an Asda shopper at an average of £60 a week, occasionally a little more if I managed to find time to nip to George and purchase a couple of cute baby sleep suits.  Never ever one hundred and thirty seven pounds 96 pence….

Now for those of you reading in Dubai, that wasn’t even a Spinneys/Waitrose shop, nor even a Carrefour or Geant, I shopped in Union Co-Op (with a little bit of meat bought from Choithrams) that much spent in Union Co-Op is crazy.  To compare, its similar to spending a fortune in Aldi in the UK!

Now I had some of the expensive purchases on there, the nappies, the wipes, the washing powder, but still.

And the kicker?

I still have no idea what we are going to eat this week.

Well, that’s where meal planning is coming BACK into my life.  Yes back.  Every so often, generally coinciding with when myself or the husband going on a diet.  So here we go again.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner planned.  And pinterest has been hit up for so many dinner ideas to add to the list.

Do you meal plan?  What are your staples?


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