Little people conversations

Now, with this baby we don’t know whether it is a boy or a girl.

So I often play ask the toddler terror, because they say little people are often right with knowing, though I don’t know how.  Personally, I predicted my brother, my 3 cousins and anyone else my mum knew who was pregnant when I was little.  Since then my correct prediction rate has been a big fat ZERO!  Yep, every single pregnant friend or relative I have gotten it wrong.  The toddler terror, I was convinced was a girl, he is quite obviously a boy.

So this morning, we had a little conversation that went like this:

Me: What’s in Mummy’s tummy?
TT: Baby
Me: A baby brother or baby sister?
TT: *pauses for thought* Baby sister
Me: A baby sister?  Are you sure?
TT: Yes, baby sister
Me: What’s your baby sister called?
TT: Baby sister Lisa
Me: Lisa?
TT: Yes baby sister Lisa

So there is the toddlers prediction.  One thing I can confirm is that if the baby is a baby sister they will NOT be called Lisa…..

Little Hearts, Big Love

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