Toilet Roll Rockets

So, being inspired by #toddlerapprovedtuesdays and searching for a million things to do with all the toilet rolls we have floating round our house (I swear the husband eats the stuff!!!) we decided to bust them out and make toilet roll rockets.  The current toddler obsession.


At nighttime, if its Daddy bedtime, instead of a story all I can hear down the monitor is 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF and giggling.  Repeat for 10 minutes.  And somehow it sends the toddler to sleep.

It doesn’t however work when Mummy tries.  No mummy no mummy.  Or indeed when Daddy tries and it isn’t bedtime!

I digress, we have a million loo rolls, we have a few craft bits and glue, and Daddy was headed off to play golf and I felt too rubbish to chase, so rocket ship toilet roll craft began!

What we used:

Variety of paints and paint brushes
Coloured Card and paper
Pom poms, stars, googly eyes
Tissue paper
Of course, toilet rolls

Craft Materials for Rockets

Of course then the toddler started exploring everything as I laid it out for a picture to show you all< Ooooh glitter
Oooh glitter.  And yep, 30 seconds after this was taken it got dumped on the floor.  Sigh

What we did:

1.  Paint the toilet rolls

Painting TOilet Roll

2. Swirl the paints in the tray….< Swirling Paint

3. Stick down a piece of paper on the swirled paint, press and lift up

Patterned Paint Paper

4. Leave to dry (yep I use my clothes hanger!)


5. Roll paper into cones for the rocket top. I took over from the Toddler at this point and did this!


6. Back to the Toddler – Stick on a variety of decorations and glitter!

Glitter Shaking

7. Add glue on the inside of the tube and stick “fire” coloured tissue paper in to make the BLAST OFF FIRE

Toilet Roll Rocket Ship

I shall leave you with FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE…….BLAST OFF!


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