Dubai; Family Photo Shoot with Sophia Mattia Photography

I am so happy today I could burst, we finally met with the wonderful Sophia Mattia from Sophia Mattia Photography for our family photo shoot in our new house.  I love photographs, and family photographs especially.  Our last professional shoot was actually our wedding back in 2013, since then we have done amateur photography with our DSLR but I always seem to be behind the camera rather than in the picture.  I think this must be a mummy trait as most mummy’s I know say the same thing.

As soon as our images ready I will be sharing some of what we managed to capture today, but before that I just wanted to share our experience today with Sophia.

The Lead Up

I first got in touch with Sophia back in March, before the hypertension kicked up a
notch, and we started planning our shoot for when we moved into our new house.  I must say I have been so impressed with Sophia’s flexibility, as not only were we working on whether this photo shoot stays a pregnancy and family shoot or becomes a newborn family shoot, we have also had to plan around holidays.  Sophia has been nothing but accommodating for this and so flexible which has been a load of our mind.  Then on top of that I went and had the baby so had to rearrange then we were sick, and Sophia took it all in her stride!

We had an idea in mind to begin with, especially because the husband hates having his photo taken and we always tend to look so stiff and formal when posed.  Is it just me or does anyone else end up with
a double chin on posed photos when they don’t actually have one?!
Beautiful baby pictures from Sophia
Sophia’s style is very relaxed and about capturing the moment rather than posing you for official pictures which is one reason why I really love her work.  We decided on an at home photo shoot (I’m
still excited about having a garden) though we did contemplate a desert shoot which would be amazing and something I am definitely going to do when both kids are older and can run in the dunes.
The Dunes!  Would love one of these shoots when the boys are older

The Day

Well it turns out we are having Baby Boy join us for our family shoot!  Which is wonderful, and as he is still little it means we can add some relaxed but not quite newborn pictures of him as he is the grand old age of 3 and a half weeks old now.

Some of Sophia’s newborn work, Baby Boy not quite sleepy enough and the Toddler Terror was living up to his name

The shoot was amazing.Completely relaxed, even though the Toddler had a tantrum about the shirt we wanted him to wear 10 minutes before Sophia arrived and a lot of bribery with chocolate was done.

Sophia had lots of ideas to share and didn’t mind that the toddler kept running away, she put him at his ease and he absolutely loved seeing himself in the camera, I am very surprised that he didn’t keep shouting selfie at her as he does when he sees my phone.

We did a range of photos, some all 4 of us, some me and the boys, some the husband and the boys, some of just the toddler and some of both the boys together.  As well as going both inside and outside.

Our biggest mistake was the fact that we had set up the paddling pool the day before, of course the toddler made a beeline for this.  The photo shoot ended with both the husband and the toddler in the paddling pool, fully clothed.  Very cute.  Not so cute when we came to try and sort out his nappy.  There is full and then there was this.  But I digress.

Sophia, not only put us all at ease, captured some wonderful natural moments between us all and not one of our photos looks posed.


Some beautiful family shots that Sophia has captured
I even managed to capture Sophia at work, please excuse the quality of my camera phone in comparison to Sophia’s beautiful work, but this was at the stage when I was feeding Baby Boy and the husband had given into the Toddler Terror and jumped in FULLY CLOTHED alongside him in the paddling pool.

And the photos were truly amazing, I picked some of my favourites and have showcased them in Our Family Shoot.

The Promotion


And for all you lucky readers out in Dubai, Sophia is offering you a fabulous half price promotion so you too can get some fabulous photographs of you and your family, including digital images, simply get in touch and quote “LWBKPSN” what’s stopping you?


I thoroughly recommend Sophia, not only was she wonderfully professional, she worked wonders with the toddler putting him at ease so she got some lovely images of him,  As well as putting the husband at ease.  Baby Boy was OK whatever, he just needed boob.

If you want to see more of Sophia’s work do check out her wonderful website, and as it is these days she is also on Facebook.

Disclaimer; my photo shoot was complimentary for an honest review of the services received.  Please note I only recommend products and services that I would be happy to pay for myself.

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