Dubai; My Extreme Makeover at De La Mer Day Spa

On the morning of our second wedding anniversary I headed down to De La Mer Day Spa on Beach Road,  Dubai having been invited down by the lovely Mother-Daughter team Sara and Moira to review their services.  As it was our wedding anniversary and we had our family photo shoot that afternoon I said “sign me up” and headed down.
Having not long had Baby Boy with all the glamour that pregnancy and being postnatal brings, the hair falling out, broken split nails and general sleep deprivation I was looking forward to a morning off being Mummy depositing Baby Boy with Daddy and Grandad and heading off my own. 


My only mistake, driving down Hessa Street in the husband’s car singing along to the radio,  which I am not allowed to do normally when the toddler is in the car, was realising I was wearing closed toed Toms instead of flip flops for a pedicure.  Being pushed for time I had to deal with it and came to the conclusion I’d just drive barefoot until my toes dried.
The Spa, simple to find with ample parking out front, was like stepping into a little piece of heaven as I walked through the door.  Elegantly decorated with everything you could possibly want under one roof from hair to nails to wraps and massages to waxing and eyelashes, as well as a gym and swimming pool plus a VIP treatment room upstairs that is ideal to hold a girl’s time out party in (and a total bargain at 300dhs per hour for the room NOT pp).  I was entranced and very excited. 



As it was so close after having Baby Boy I decided against a massage, I’m very much in the don’t touch me phase.   I haven’t had a facial before but bring pregnant has also messed with my skin leaving it super sensitive so I decided that was out disappointingly as the range provided is vast and I loved the idea of an Elemis facial.  But here is where my extreme makeover came to fruition.
I am generally quite rubbish at getting my hair done, it’s one of my favourite things to do but always ends up being a yearly occurrence.  Last time my hair was cut was pre-pregnancy with Baby Boy so you can imagine the shapeless mess I was in.  Well you can see….
Before, during the colour and just washed hair

I am also either a hairdressers dream, or nightmare,  as I have no rules on how you do my hair with my only stipulation being I must be able to tie it back if I can’t be bothered to style it, plus that’s always handy to be able to do with a toddler.  The only decision I had to make was do I want to go lighter or darker.  I went darker.  The rest was in her hands.

Speaking of hands, this is the part where I felt I was on Extreme Makeover, as the colour was applied to my hair my nails were also busy being done.  A colour mani-pedi.  So I sat in my salon seat with a beautiful dark brown with warm hints of red being applied to my hair, feet in a bowl of warm sudsy water being filed and moisturized and my fingernails being gently shaped.  A world away from my morning of wrestling the toddler into his shoes so Daddy could drive him to nursery and having Baby Boy vomit all over me.  I actually felt the stress leave my body at that point. 


The whole team at De La Mer Day Spa were engaging, yet if I didn’t speak they didn’t force conversation.  Something that not all therapists can do.  There is something tranquil about being able to close your eyes, with the plinky plonky music in the background, and drift away as you are being made beautiful.
And beautiful I felt.  Again I didn’t have to direct, I could just let my hair be cut and then blow dried.
Not one direction had to be given from me, and taking my glasses off meant I couldn’t really see in the mirror so when I put them back on I had a real WOW moment.  I love it. And my beautiful natural nails where the cuticle is no longer threatening to take over.
The best thing about my hair is that I have since done it myself, and it STILL looks good.  I haven’t been given one of the “it only works in the salon” hair cuts.  Always an added bonus when you have little boys to take care of. 

The whole morning was so relaxing, it was wonderful to get some me time away from the boys, I can wholeheartedly recommend De La Mer Day Spa for any stressed out Mummy who just needs chance to wipe the baby sick off your shoulder.  Whether massage or nails or hair be your thing the wonderful staff and setting of De La Mer really will make your troubles float away.


Disclaimer; I received a free treatment in return for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I do not recommend anything I wouldn’t pay for myself.



  1. May 8, 2016 / 8:40 am

    Love the makeover! That haircut looks amazing.

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