Toddler Painting without Paintbrushes

I saw a fantastic post from Clares Little Tots about painting using different household objects instead of paintbrushes and I thought it sounded like a fantastic sensory activity.  Now Baby Boy is here I’m on the hunt for more activities I can occupy the toddler with whilst wearing Baby Boy in the sling.  Incidentally that sling is the best thing I’ve bought second time round! 
I set the table up completely covered in paper and utilised an old tray for different colours if paint that I let the toddler use.  I was a little bit skeptical if using kitchen utensils would work with him mainly because he loves to cook and bake and when he plays with the utensils it’s generally a form of imagination and role play if we aren’t baking. 

I was right the utensils didn’t get a look in. 
The car’s making car tracks in paint proved to be more of a hit though.
After a bit of rolling the cars around and completely following the toddlers lead we decided to get messier.  The paintbrushes came out.  The hands got tickled and we started hand printing. 
Lots of talking about the different sensations and how to clean our hands as well as colour recognition.  As well as a selfie showing off our big red hand print.
A messy yet fun afternoon and completely possible with Baby Boy in the sling with the terror getting the main focus of my attention.  Exactly what I was looking for! 

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