Toddler Craft; Making Rainbows

As I keep mentioning we are busy looking for independent Toddler Craft. At nursery he has been busy learning about rainbows so I decided to bring it home and look at making our very own rainbow.

Involving the toddlers favourite activity – STICKING.

Which you know means glue everywhere right?

What You Need

Coloured Tissue Paper
Blue Card
Cotton Wool


How to do it

1. Set out all equipment to entice toddler to the table
Fail. Try again later. Success!

2. Scrunch up the tissue paper into balls
Throw at mummy

Tissue paper

3. Talk about the different colours you can add to the rainbow
Continue to throw paper at mummy

4. Paint glue onto blue card in a rainbow shape
Have minor tantrum when Mummy will not allow you to hold the glue and do this independently


5. Stick tissue paper onto the rainbow
You know, all in the one spot, because that’s how rainbows are, “innit”

sticking tissue

6. Rainbows are in the sky so add in some clouds in the form of cotton wool
Claim the glue for this task. Add blobs and push cotton wool in it. Decide the rainbow could do with a cloud as well

Finished Rainbow Craft

And there you have it; toddler craft and making rainbows.


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