Food for Thought; Frozen Yogurt Bark

Getting into the kitchen with the boys is one of my favourite things to do, often making delicious cookies and cakes.  Every so often I feel guilty that I am passing my (very, very) sweet tooth onto them and try to cut out the refined sugar, using natural fruits to sweeten instead.

Being at my mums this summer we got the chance to go strawberry picking, and as anyone who has ever been strawberry picking will know, you get a LOT of strawberries.  Armed with a glut of strawberries that were slowly going off led to frantic searching for strawberry recipes (on Pinterest of course) and the making of Eton Mess.

It was also hot at the time, the 2 days of summer that the UK got and I didn’t want to give into constant demands for ice cream so I came across an idea to make Frozen Yogurt Bark so myself and the Toddler donned aprons and set to work.

Frozen Yogurt Bark


Punnet of strawberries
Punnet of blueberries
400g Greek Yogurt
2 tbsp maple syrup

How to do it

1. Hull the strawberries and wash them with the blueberries

strawberries and blueberries

2. Mix the maple syrup with the yogurt

yogurt and maple syrup

3. Spread yogurt into a shallow, baking paper lined, tin

4. Drop strawberries and blueberries into yogurt

strawberries into yogurt

5. Freeze for at least 3 hours then have a ball bashing it into bite sized pieces to eat

frozen mixed


Frozen Yogurt Bark – Pin it for later

Frozen Yogurt Bark Cooking with Kids


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