Food for Thought; Cheat’s Microwave Chocolate Flapjacks

I love a good flapjack. It’s got the whole “I’m healthy vibe” going on while in reality it’s very naughty. Plus when making them I get to lick the spoon I use in the golden syrup. Win win.

I never quite got the right consistency with baking flapjacks but these cheats microwave chocolate flapjacks are perfect. They turn out great every time and you can have flapjacks chilled and ready to eat within the hour.

Cheats Microwave Chocolate Flapjacks


100g butter
25g caster sugar
200g oats
5tbsp golden syrup

200g chocolate (to top)

How to do it

1. Melt the butter and sugar in the microwave


2. Add the oats and golden syrup to the melted butter. Mix well


3. Microwave on full power for 3 and a half minutes *nb I use a 800w microwave. Less power microwave for longer, more power microwave for less time. Around 30 seconds each way should be right*

4. Pour mix into a shallow, lined, bowl and chill for 20-30 minutes


5. Melt the chocolate (in the microwave obvs) and pour on top


6. Chill until chocolate is set

Cheats Microwave Chocolate Flapjacks



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