Five Spectacular Handcrafted Gifts in Dubai

All of my friends seem to be having babies. Every other week a new little pink or blue bundle is imminent and every week I seem to be heading down to Mothercare.

I got thinking though at how impersonal a romper set from Mothercare is, no matter how cute it looks, and so I went looking for some other ideas.

Dubai is full of talented people who handcraft beautiful items some of which can be adapted perfectly for babies. Some of which reside in our home for our second born, and therefore receiver of all things hand-me-down, son.

So if you’re looking for something special for that new mum in Dubai this list of 5 spectacular handcrafted gifts in Dubai may just be the place to find it.

Personalised Print for the Nursery; Personalised Prints

Lisa is an extremely talented graphic designer who set up Personalised Prints earlier this year.  An array of bold and colourful designs, all of which can be personalised with babies name, weight, date and place of birth.


They are a wonderful touch to any nursery and a step away from the generic pastel boy/girl prints you get. We chose a bold primary coloured balloon design to decorate Baby Boys room, I love that it’s personalised and it’s kind of making up for the fact I’m still no further with the cross stitch.

Prices start at 260aed

Handmade Crochet Loveys

Sharky Knows was set up by a British mum out in Dubai and she produces the most wonderful crochet pieces, all handmade to order.

Browsing through her colourful instagram you can see various projects from a unicorn to a fiddle blanket to large crochet baby blankets. As well as beautiful crochet “loveys”.


More personal than the shop bought mass produced Loveys and comforters with the softness of using the right yarn and intricacies that parents and babies will love. Baby Boy particularly likes to suck on the poor elephants trunk.

Prices for loveys start around 120aed and blankets 300aed.

A nursing cover: Love by JO

Strictly speaking not for the baby but a lovely present for a breastfeeding mum who wants to get out and about again but is struggling with the draping of the
muslins to cover up.

Love by Jo showcases beautiful gem coloured designs in soft jersey whilsy being larger than the average cover (I could happily fit my 3 year old underneath) with a curved neckline for you to see your baby, this cover combines functionality with style.
Prices start at 180aed.

Breastfeeding and Babywearing necklace: Babylu Designs

A funky fashion accessory for Mum whilst being a functioning safe toy for baby.  This necklace allows your baby to focus on their task in hand, whether that be feeding or watching the world go by, without grabbing your jewellery and breaking snappinh necklace chains.  For the third time this month (true story, my husband has now stopped repairing my birth necklace until the boys are older).


Bold and beautiful designs by Babylu, handcrafted from all natural juniper and beech wooden beads hand tied with 100% crocheted cotton, you are sure to want one to match every outfit.

Prices start from 75aed

Beautiful handmade clothes: Maddy & Eva

If you wanted to head down the traditional route of giving clothes as gifts, why not shy away from the chain stores and browse around the beautiful Maddy and Eva.

Designed with the Dubai heat in mind, there is a whole range of boy and girl
designs.  Think less of your SpongeBob Square Pants and Frozen motifs, more towards the traditional button down shirts and adorable rompers in a range of fabrics from floral to polka dot.

Clothes that are designed for children, with children in mind, hard wearing yet beautiful. Think like Prince George or Princess Charlotte.


Not only that but if you ask nicely you might just be able to get your littler ones decked out just like their older brothers and sisters.

Prices start from 120aed

All beautiful and all handcrafted in Dubai; what more could you ask for?


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