Reviewed; Lorna Drew Nursing Bra

I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a long time.  I am sat here in matching bra and pants and I can’t remember the last time that this phenomenon occurred; probably between the Toddler stopping feeding and me getting pregnant with the baby.

Not only am I matching, the set I am wearing is pretty, lacy and underwired.  A step away from the massive, slightly stained, monstrosities that I normally sport these days.

Now I can hear you thinking, what’s the big deal, an underwired pretty bra I have those in my drawer, I wear them on special occasions before going back to the cotton clip monstrosities.  Here it is……. it’s a Lorna Drew Nursing bra.

Most specifically it’s the Grace Lingerie Set from the wonderful Lorna Drew Lingerie.

My Beautiful Matching Set

Yep.  It might look like a normal bra but it is in fact suitable for feeding with discreet clips to enable me to “flop em out” and provide the baby with the golden nectar he so desires (all the time, no wonder he’s jumped from a tiny 2.8kg at birth to 8kg at 6 months). As well as the underwiring being flexi-wire so no worries about potential blocked ducts leading to mastitis.

Now, prior to this, I hadn’t been measured for a bra for a long time so first off I nipped into Debenhams here in Dubai and didn’t believe what they said (38C if you wondered.) So I went to Lorna and used the bra calculator on her website.

Screenshot from Lorna Drew

That also came out with 38C however quick watch of the“how to measure yourself” video it transpired that I lost an inch somewhere; which Lorna ascertained as soon I spoke to her about this when I told her I wear a size 12-14 top which is more in keeping with a 36 back. So my 36D bra came out to me.

It’s making a massive difference. It’s slightly padded which is great when I have a small leakage going on – though I thought they would have stopped now he’s 6 months – as it soaks it up before it gets embarrassing because some of us forget breast pads. It’s underwired, with the flexi-wire, so my boobs are where they are meant to be rather than round my stomach tucked into the waistband of my skirt. The clip to undo the cup is easy to flick with one hand allowing for easy access for monster baby. And did I mention its pretty??

That to me is the biggest thing. It’s functional yet beautiful. It makes me feel like me again and not just a human cow.


There is something for everyone from Lorna’s maternity and nursing range from cotton to lace, leopard print to plain block colours all starting from around £39 for a bra, a bra that you don’t have to (joyfully) throw away once your breastfeeding journey has ended as it is pretty enough to be a “real bra”.

Not only that but Lorna Drew also offers a range of mastectomy bras which I think is fantastic having family and friends who have undergone partial masecotomies I know how much it meant to them to be able to wear pretty underwear with allowances for their prosthetic to slip easily into a cup and not threaten to pop out the top or dislodge while walking.

You can find Lorna’s fantastic lingerie collection on her website and keep up with the latest news on Facebook. And if you’re nursing? Then I thoroughly recommend investing in your very own Lorna Drew nursing bra.

Disclaimer; I received my set for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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