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Earlier this summer when I was back home for my brother’s wedding from Dubai in September I had a few little presents waiting for me to review on my blog. Including a lovely My Baby’s Name Is sleeping bag. Now I know that it is now, basically, Christmas and the review is only just going up but I do have a good reason, I promise.

my baby name is

The reason being, I had to wait for the Baby to GROW!

The Baby, born a tiny 6lbs 3oz, on the 10th percentile mainly due to the fact that I was on labetelol throughout my pregnancy due to chronic hypertension quickly shot up and has settled on the 50th percentile. Which meant that when I spoke with Syzmon about My Baby’s Name Is when the Baby was 4 months old we decided it made more sense to test a 6-18 month sleeping bag. Hence my wait for the Baby to catch up with the bag.

But catch up he has and we are now in the bag!

My baby name is

My Baby’s Name Is Sleeping Bag Review

Sleeping bags have, like most children of this era, featured in the Baby’s life since he was deemed big enough to use them. Sleeping bags mean bedtime. Sleeping bags, theoretically, mean sleep (except of course my baby doesn’t sleep….)

Being in Dubai we discounted the 2.5tog sleeping bag and went straight for the 1.0tog in Benjamin Blue. Mainly because I like the colour blue. Each sleeping bag is a bold, block colour named alliteratively which I think is a nice touch.


Double poppers and an all the way round zip makes it easy for any middle of the night poo explosions that happen (and they always happen when you are at your most tired don’t they?) making for easier nappy changes. A soft t-shirt material inside, which matches the bright blue of the outside which is soft yet durable.

Other little touches include the ability to write your baby’s name on the My Baby’s Name Is label on the inside and outside of the bag. Fantastic if you’re sending it into nursery as a sleep cue no more getting lost!

Syzmon has designed and made the sleeping bag with his daughter Matylda in mind, extensive testing (by Matylda as well) means that the bag lives up to rigorous safety testing. A relief in the days where you see horror stories such as the Claudia Winkleman Halloween costume horror.

We’ve plenty of room left to grow in the bag, and the excess is providing hours of entertainment where he can’t find his feet. And when he’s finally stopped searching for his toes (which to be honest are also hidden under his baby grow so it’s a futile mission) and sleeps the bag keeps him at a consistent temperature.


Unlike the UK where I have to worry about him being warm enough here it’s is he cool enough, whilst the AC blows an artic gale across his cot. So far, so good. Despite the sweaty head whilst he’s feeding to sleep (yep bad habit alert) on my arm, once he’s in the cot and rolled into his comfortable position he stays at a comfortable temperature all night. I am able to check this without being neurotic nipping in every hour because what we aren’t doing is sleeping any better – but that’s the baby rather than the bag…..

The final note is always read the washing instructions. If something says 40 degrees with similar colours they DO NOT mean 60 degrees with your white sheets. That are no longer white. Still blue is in right? I blame sleep deprivation.

My Baby’s Name Is sleeping bags retail at £39.95 and are available in a range of bright colours. You can buy them here.

Disclaimer; I received a sleeping bag for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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