Christmas Bake Off; Mince Pies and Gingerbread

Welcome to my post for day 7 of the #12daysofparenting; Christmas Baking and welcome if you’ve hopped over from Mad House of Cats and Babies  We have so many prizes to give away this year, entries via the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post.

What else says Christmas like Mince Pies and Gingerbread? Except for maybe gingerbread mince pies but I might leave that experimentation for another day……

Mince Pies

Now you may have seen that the husband hates my insistence on making homemade goodies when there are perfect shop bought alternatives, but the Big One and I love nothing more than getting into the kitchen together and there was a deal on mincemeat.

So while they weren’t as pretty as the Waitrose offerings they were still pretty tasty.


Sweet Pastry

250g plain flour
100g icing sugar
125g cold, cubed, butter
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 egg, beaten
Splash of milk

Flour to dust

Just kidding – I bought a jar of Robertson’s!

How to do it

1. Sieve flour and icing sugar into a bowl
Get a light dusting EVERYWHERE

child baking

2. Rub butter into flour until it resembles breadcrumbs
Attempt to show the Big One what to do, spend most of your time trying to stop him putting lumps of butter in his mouth to taste. Strange child.

baking with children

3. Add beaten egg and a splash of milk, mix until it forms a dough

4. Pop into a bag and chill for 30 minutes

5. Flour the work surface and rolling pin
And the floor, you, the big one, the baby whose just watching….

6. Roll pastry out thinly
0.3mm apparently but I don’t keep a tape measure in my kitchen

7. Grease a muffin tray

8. Cut out 12 circles and place in the tray
We used a glass because we didn’t have a circle cutter

9. Spoon a good dollop of mincemeat into each case

child baking

10. Roll out the rest of the pastry and cut small shapes to act as a lid
I suggest raiding any Play Doh cutters as they are perfect size, we had Christmas trees and stars


11. Place on top and glaze with milk


12. Cook for 20-25 minutes at 180


Leftover Pastry

And here I did something which my Granna used to do for me. I gave the big on the leftover pastry rolled out to play with and create his own cut out treats.

leftover pastry

Excuse the half eaten apple

Lots of cutters. Strawberries.

Shame I totally forgot they were in the oven and burnt them to a crisp…..a long way to go before I hit my Granna’s standards.


To celebrate the end of nursery we decided to have another go at gingerbread now we had the cookie cutters at our disposal.

The Gingerbread recipe, tried and tested, stands up to multiple rolling outs and is hardy enough to cope with Toddler cooking.

child cooking

child baking





To see how children have changed the holidays for others, why not hop over to Mummy Fever to see what they say?

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  1. December 19, 2015 / 7:51 pm

    They look lush! I think I spotted a BLW cookbook too 😉

    • Laura
      December 21, 2015 / 7:14 am

      You definitely did! Cluttered kitchen…..

  2. December 20, 2015 / 12:32 am

    Those mince pies look so yummy. I much prefer homemade mince pies and treats to shop bought so I am totally on your side 🙂

  3. December 20, 2015 / 2:57 am

    These mince pies look delicious and so do the gingerbread men. These are definitely my favourite Christmas foods. I think I should have a go at making my own.
    Joanna recently posted…Blake’s Christmas Eve BasketMy Profile

  4. December 20, 2015 / 10:17 am

    Haha! Brilliant. I much prefer homemade too, though I go for shop bought pastry because mine is rubbish. Homemade mincemeat is easy – you should make some next year 🙂
    Laura recently posted…Obligatory Christmas PicsMy Profile

  5. December 21, 2015 / 6:59 am

    Fab way of getting the Big One involved, you can see he had fun with it; my, check out his concentration in the last 2 pictures of him … so lovely to see such interest from a big toddler. 🙂 Yummy recipe; hopefully no burning of Granna’s learnt treat next time 🙂 #12daysofparenting.
    aNoviceMum recently posted…Residential Outdoor Christmas Displays that make you stopMy Profile

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