Mission: Take a Perfect Picture of Two Boys on the Move

I always went through fits and starts of taking photos, from the disposable cameras of my uni days, to digital cameras on office night’s out before the wonder of a smart phone camera as well as my husband’s (now mine) DSLR my photography skills have changed with the times.

One thing that hasn’t changed with the times is what I want photos of. The people I love. My boys. My photo shy husband. If you follow me on Instagram you’d see solo portrait after solo portrait.

The reason? My boys don’t sit still long enough. Smile at the same time. Or generally choose the same moment to be photogenic. It’s time to call in the professionals. The mission? Take a perfect picture of my boys.

It was time to head to The Studio Dubai.

The mission? Take a perfect picture of my boys.

Situated opposite Bounce in Al Quoz, tucked away in the Courtyard building. Out the back on your right in case you do what I did which was arrive with no credit on your phone and poor memory as to where on the map it was resulting in mass pacing up and down (and up and down and up and down) getting frantic carrying the Big One, manoeuvring the pram with one hand.

I eventually arrived ten minutes late, apologising profusely, slightly sweaty and yanking the boys out of their normal clothes into their matching yet not matching outfits.

I needn’t have worried, our wonderful photographer Nikka took it all in her stride. Calming me down. Telling me not to worry it’d all be OK we had plenty of time.

Then it was time to set the professional loose to see if she could capture a happy, smiling, picture of my boys together.

studio dubai

She didn’t disappoint. Starting by showing the Big One the camera and his picture, gently directing him whilst still managing to get his attention looking at the camera.

Bubbles. Waving. Funny noises. Questions. All came out to play in order to get the shots of them together. As you can see even I got in the act (and a new blog picture!)

studio dubai

Then it was time to mix it up. The wonderful thing about The Studio is that they are able to accommodate themed shoots, with it being Christmas what better theme than a festive greeting?

Fake snow *that the Baby ate – sorry* Santa hats slipping down on little heads.

I love this picture, the loving look on the Big One’s face is in fact him telling the Baby DON’T EAT THE SNOW hence the look of utter confusion on the Baby’s face.

Surely everything is for eating?

studio dxb

So I stepped into rescue the snow….

studio dubai

An overall amazing experience, bar my poor planning and sense of direction but that was my own fault, Nikki is skilled at getting the photos you want in a time frame that is suited to your children. Given the 20-25 minutes shooting I was apprehensive about whether she’d been able to capture what I was looking for.

I shouldn’t have worried, I went back (to the right place first time this time) with just the wriggly baby in tow to preview the images and they blew me away. From the huge giggling smiles of my boys together, to the cheeky snow eating. The jump on Mummy cuddle to buried in the snow together. I had an altogether different problem. Picking my photos!

In the end I went with the four images in the post, my boys together giggling, a new updated blog profile of my boys and I with my glasses on and hair tied back, which is the everyday me you might see on the street. The festive pictures were just too adorable not to have, the indulgent brotherly look and I just love Santa hats!

You can find The Studio Dubai on Facebook. Packages start from 295 AED with a range of packages and can be booked here.

I received a complimentary shoot for the purpose of review, all opinions are my own. Photos provided by The Studio, however models are bloggers own 😉


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  1. December 22, 2015 / 12:19 am

    Laura these are gorgeous!!! I love the first one the best I think, definitely need to have that in a frame in your house! x

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