#effitfriday – 19th February 2016

Welcome once again to #effitfriday and thank you everyone for linking up with me last week, I had a great time reading through all of your rants. What I particularly love is the variety of topics, from parenting to Valentines to politics.

There were some right corkers so if you haven’t had chance to go check them out yet, then I would if I was you!

My Toddler-worthy Rant

Sleeping. If you read my blog regularly you may see that my children go through phases of not sleeping. Or in the case of the baby, never sleeping through the night in his whole ten month existence! It’s been another one of those weeks. Where the Big One has been having night terrors and shouting out. The Baby has been up and down. And everyone has had a stint in every bed in the house. Or as I like to call it playing Magical Musical Beds.

musical beds

My #effitfriday Rant of the Week

This week has to go to Sarah from Admissions of a Working Mother with “When your Toddler holds you hostage in Superdrug” having faced a similar encounter of my own in our local shopping complex (read Starbucks).

Now grab the badge and lets get ranting.

The Badge

Life with Baby Kicks

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  1. February 19, 2016 / 4:56 pm

    Thanks for hosting. Some excellent posts here!

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