I’m Going to #BML16

So this is it, the final countdown, the week before the event of the year.  The ultimate in blogging with the now iconic #BML16, and this year I can now say “I’m Going to #BML16…” thanks to my lovely sponsors Ashton & Parsons, the wonderful people that are not only helping me head to the conference of the year but also help my sanity on a daily basis as I battle with the Baby getting 4 molars and a front tooth.  At once.

Part of me really can’t believe it, watching my Twitter feed explode last year as 500 PLUS bloggers descended on the Brewery.  Jealousy creeping in as Tweets exploded about inspiring sessions, sobbing at key note speakers, chances to meet online friends, cake from Martyn, well brought by Martyn made by Will (lemon drizzle this year please!).  Then watching as the blog posts rolled in, learnings from the conference, newly fired desires to take your blog in a different direction, new found ideas on how to boost your social media, friends you’d made, connections you’d networked with, wine that had been drunk.  I watched it all and I promised myself if I was in the UK at the right time then 2016 would be the year that I would say “I’m going to #BML16…”

And guess what?

I’m Going to #BML16

As it is my first time at anything bloggy I’ve been busy devouring all of the “I’m Going to #BML16” posts since the linky opened.  In part because I’m very nosy and want to see who I will be getting the chance to catch up with, partly because WHAT DO YOU WEAR, but mainly in excitement as this year I get to answer the questions!

The #BML16 Questions

My name:

Laura, but I answer to most things….

My blog:

Life with Baby Kicks

Find me on social media at:

FacebookTwitter and Instagram.  I’m on the rest but chances are you wouldn’t find me on there, just tumble weed blowing through unless you happen to catch me on a mad social media spree, which happens on occasion.

How I look:

Normally I come with a small boy as an accessory, no one should leave home without one….

ME and W Me and E
Sometimes I even do my hair and make up, lose the glasses and look like this….

Me and R
But generally I lie on the bedroom floor outside the boys room and look like this…..

Life with Baby Kicks
Is this my first blogging event?

Yep.  Well it’s my first UK blogging event, I can’t forget the wonderful networking at Picture People I was able to do whilst out in the UAE, but we said goodbye to Dubai and swapped sunshine for rain.  And in doing so I get the opportunity to start putting names to faces from the UK side eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

I will be wearing…


Hopefully free of snot and grubby handprints but I can’t guarantee that….

What I hope to gain from #BML16:

To meet the people who have become online friends, that have helped support me through a big transition in our lives, that have told me to keep on blogging.  There are so many people I can’t wait to meet.  There are even more I can’t wait to have a glass (or 2) of wine with.  Then of course there are the blogging rockstars that I hope to accost.  Maybe.

My tips for a great conference:

I’ll let you know this time next week…..



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