The Easy Option for Father’s Day Cards with Postsnap

I’ve become a little bit snap happy lately, partly due to the fact that I have a pretty new iPhone, partly due to my new found love of Instagram, mainly down to the fact that I have some pretty darn cute subjects.

cuddle elephant

I now have all of these photos, which are taking up space on my phone, and to be honest deserve to be shown off. Printed. Oohed and ahhed over. I mean, c’mon, those curls?!

cutie pie

On top of that I have all these photos of the husband with the boys, because, you know, I’m the photographer in this relationship – this needs to be changed, I am even contemplating buying a selfies stick (that works, the one my mum bought me for my birthday is stuck on a big ship somewhere)

So millions of beautiful photos. Photos including the husbands mug. What to do, what to do. Hang about – I believe it is Fathers Day on Sunday, and with Fathers Day should come a card. Or maybe even 2 if you have 2 kiddos. One each (husband please note this for next Mothers Day, or my birthday, or even Christmas.). What better than apersonalised Father’s Day card that I don’t have to drag the kiddos round the shops to buy?!

Enter Postsnap, the latest FREE iOS app that does just that.  Takes your photos to personalise your cards all without you having to step outside of the house.  Which is a blessing especially with all this rain I’m definitely not used too.


Easy to use, I managed to do it one handed while feeding the baby, with a range of card designs available from Fathers Day to birthdays to holiday postcards all in the length of time it takes me to write a Facebook post, what’s not to love?

The process is simple.  Choose your card.


postsnap FATHERS DAY

Add your photos, which can be pulled through from your phone pictures or from Instagram and Facebook.


Add your text and choose your font.

postsnap fonts

Then you’re done!  As easy as that.

Our cards are on the way, one from each boy!

photosnap arrival

With prices starting from £1.50 for a postcard ranging to £3 for a glossy card with postage included it’s not too taxing on the wallet top.  But to make it a little bit easier for you I have an exclusive 20% off for Life with Baby Kicks readers using code BABYKICKS, if you order by midnight tonight you should even get your cards in time for Father’s Day, without going out in the rain!

Disclosure: I received two cards for the purpose of this app review, all rain hating opinions are my own.


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