Week Eight #rememberingthesedays Round Up

Clare from Mudpie Fridays and I have launched our very own Instagram Community #rememberingthesedays for photographs that capture the special moments in family life.  Every Sunday we will be sharing our favourites on our blogs and over on Instagram.

Eight weeks in and we are over 2,500 photos, I can’t quite believe it, thank you all so much for joining in and sharing your precious moments.

Clare and I would love you to join us next week, we love seeing those precious family moments from the ordinary moments to the extraordinary, because let’s face it, when you have children even the ordinary moments become special.   Simply tag any photos of your memories #rememberingthesedays.

Bunny Loves

There is nothing sweeter than a child with there favourite toy, and bunny needs some loves… See more over at @lattesandliving

Wide Eyed Wonder

Birthday girls, Elsa and wide eyed wonder from the gremlin…… see more from @runjumpscrap

A photo posted by Sarah Howe (@runjumpscrap) on

Splish Splash

I’m having a bath, in the sink. This is such a joyful photograph…. see more from @theordinarymum

A photo posted by Hannah G (@theordinarymum) on

Baby Toes

Is there anything sweeter than baby toes…see more at @topfivemum

Morning Cuddles

This week my favourite capture is one of me and my boys. Mornings start early in our house, but there is no better way to start the day than snuggles with my boys.

Sleepy time

This week my favourite capture of Clare’s is this gorgeous photo of Kipper asleep on the beach.  I love the clever shot, reflected in sunglasses.

We’d love to see your #rememberingthesedays photos, please do tag us over on Instagram.



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