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It’s no secret that I have a newfound love of Instagram, the beautiful photos of others it really is my happy place.  But more than that, it’s my place to store happy memories, to share pictures of my boys to go about #rememberingthesedays.

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”
― Karl Lagerfeld

That is the beauty of photographs, when the memories are fading and you can’t quite bring them to the forefront of your mind, capturing the smell, the words, one photograph is all it can take to make that moment alive again.

From the first time you took your baby on holiday, dipping those tiny baby toes into the aqua blue pool.

Swimming in a rubber ring

To family days out when the littlest member was still just a bump.

Abu Dhabi Zoo

Brothers meeting for the very first time

brothers meeting

And then trying to capture the memories going forward…

pushing my buttons


This is why myself and the lovely Clare from Mudpie Fridays are launching a new Instagram community to encompass the memories of these days.  We want to build a community where you can share those photographs where you are #rememberingthesedays.



To join in is simple, just tag your favourite photos #rememberingthesedays over on Instagram; which means you don’t have to be a blogger to join in (but we hope you lovely bloggers do!), you just need an Instagram account and a desire to make memories and go about #rememberingthesedays.

Every Sunday myself and Clare will feature our favourite four shots from the hashtag, both on Instagram and on our blogs; what are you waiting for?  Get over to Instagram and #rememberingthesedays you’ll find Clare busy #rememeberingthesedays with Monkey and Kipper….here is Clare with Monkey, reliving her youth!

A photo posted by Mudpie Fridays (@mudpiefridays) on

And you’ll find me #rememberingthesedays with the Big One and the Baby, and this is me with the Big One….



  1. July 11, 2016 / 6:50 pm

    Oh I love this idea! I’m going to try to remember to join in when I’m sharing photos of my girls.

    • Laura
      July 12, 2016 / 7:19 pm

      Yippee!!!!! I love your photos Natalie xxxx

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