Vision Direct: Gizmo saves Christmas

Gizmo the pug is back, and he is better than ever in the latest Christmas advert from Vision Direct.  This year Gizmo saves Christmas.

Last year saw Gizmo break his glasses repeatedly, something that I as a fellow spectacles wearer sympathise with as the Baby is on a mission to break mine, this year however sees Gizmo team up with Cuddles the cat in a festive rivalry to end all rivalries.

vision direct gizmo the pug Gizmo saves Christmas vision direct cuddles the cat Gizmo saves Christmas

Playing on the cliche of the age old rivalry between dog and cat but giving it a Gizmo festive Christmas twist this year Vision Direct brings us a classic case of my decorations are bigger than yours, brighter than yours and better than yours.  We all have one of those neighbours that has to go bigger and better than you on, and in Gizmo’s case that neighbour is Cuddles the cat.

Everything that poor Gizmo tries Cuddles goes one better.  From a bigger and better tree, to light up snowmen.  All with a casual flick of the paw, a purr and little cat tongue poking out in that oh so aloof manner cats have.

Then tragedy strikes and well, Gizmo saves Christmas, why not see for yourself just how Gizmo saves Christmas.

Gizmo saves Christmas

So Gizmo saves Christmas and does so rather well I’d say.  Truly encapsulating the spirit of Christmas by offering the hand of friendship to his biggest Christmas light rival, turning the lights back on around town and truly saving Christmas.  Showing that Gizmo always has your back, much like Vision Direct has since 1998 being the UK’s first and longest online contact lens retailer, something I should really take advantage of before the boys break my glasses once and for all…

Oh and if you love Gizmo’s glasses and want to treat yourself to a pair this Christmas you’ll want to head over and check out the Yaks as these are what are sat on that adorable pug nose.  And make me think of my Grandad.  Too adorable!

* written in collaboration with Vision Direct all opinions are my own



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  1. November 30, 2016 / 2:48 pm

    Oh he is just the cutest thing ever, I’m a little bit in love with Gizmo but don’t tell Bubbles and Pluto!

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