How to make your own DIY letter from Santa

I remember being little and walking into Asda, finding my name on a sea of letters and having my very own letter from Santa, and the magical feeling that encapsulated all these years later.

This year Santa is very much coming to our house.  I thought it was real last year, but that is nothing compared to the level of understanding that we have this year.  We have been busy writing our letters to Santa, covering them with glitter and sending them off with our fingers crossed they will make it there.

Then came the questions, has Santa got my letter?  Does Santa know I want a racing car?  Mummy am I on the nice list?  I wanted to recreate the magical experience I had when I received my letter from Santa.

Which led to me looking for a way to create a letter from Santa.  Being horribly uncrafty I turned to the lovely Jenny from Monkey and Mouse and begged her to put together a no brainer easy tutorial for me.  And she obliged.  Woo!

And to make matters even more exciting I even filmed me making it….

DIY Letter from Santa

What you need:

Tea bags, steeped in boiling water;
Black pen (or a calligraphy pen if you have one);
Metallic pens (optional);

How to make your DIY Letter from Santa

1.  Scrunch up the piece of paper and then flatten for that authentic ye olde parchment feel.

2.  Place the piece of paper on a surface that you don’t mind getting covered in tea stains (an old newspaper) and rub the tea bags all over the paper until you are happy with the colour.  Remember that the stain will dry lighter, so try to go for a darker colour and don’t worry if the grains leak out the bag, it adds to the effect and can be dusted off later.

tea staining paper

3.  Leave the paper to dry

4.  Once dry write your reply to your child, making sure to mention their specified present and likelihood of it turning up…

DIY Letter from Santa

5.  Decorate the letter with pictures of Santa and his reindeer, snowflakes and stars with the metallic pens.  Or you can use the glue to make star shapes and sprinkle glitter over them, let them dry before the next step.

diy letter from santa

6.  Pour lots of glitter into a large bowl or plate, then glue along the long edges of the paper (one at a time), dip the edges into the glitter until fully covered and allow to dry flat.

7.  Roll the parchment up and tie with a ribbon.

DIY letter from Santa

I made a couple of adjustments on Jenny’s tips, because you know, least crafty person ever with limited supplies.  I skipped the decoration because if the boys saw my stickmen they would have been alerted to the fact that Santa draws like Mummy.  But it’s still pretty effective…we popped it onto the tree, with a bow for added effect and then told the biggest to look and see what was on the tree.

It was pure magic.

DIY Letter from Santa

DIY Letter from Santa – in video

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How to make your own DIY letter from Santa


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  1. December 4, 2016 / 10:19 pm

    Oh that’s such a lovely idea! Jenny is a total star when it comes to crafts, she is always my go-to blog when I need to make something!

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