#RememberingTheseDays – Look to the light

It’s Sunday, which means that it is time for the #rememberingthesedays for photographs that capture the special moments in family life round up with myself and Clare from Mudpie Fridays .

After a bit of a break for Christmas (and a little holiday for me out to Langkawi) we are now nearly 6 months into #rememberingthesedays.  I *think* we are twenty five weeks in, but however long we have been running one thing hasn’t changed – we continue to be blown away by the incredible images, the beautiful memories shared and the real community feel that is starting to develop.  Instagram is my happy place, and I love that you all share these precious moments with us at #rememberingthesedays.

And with that said, we would love you all to keep joining in next week, we love seeing those precious family moments from the ordinary moments to the extraordinary, because let’s face it, when you have children even the ordinary moments become special.   Simply tag any photos of your memories #rememberingthesedays for a chance to feature.

Every week when I look through the photos I look for a theme that jumps out at me.  This week I was loving the light, bright winter sunshine beaming through the photos.  Leaping out of the screen.  I love the way that light can envelope a photo, the beams just enhancing the effect.  This week for me has been about the light…

#rememberingthesedays week 25

Top Left – @charly_dove
Top Right – @becomingasahm
Bottom Left – @oh_maxwell
Bottom Right – @aaamylouxo

Jump in the waves

Just before Christmas we were able to take some time out and travel together for a last minute family holiday to Langkawi, Malaysia.  I am always moaning at my husband that I’m never in the photos, so whilst I was chasing after the pair of them on the beach instead of enjoying the relaxing sundowner I was meant to be drinking he captured this shot of the 3 of us.  I adore it!

Brotherly Love

One of the hardest things I’ve found as my boys get bigger is to take photos of them together, they like to run in different directions.  I adore this photo of Monkey and Kipper – such a beautiful shot to cherish.

We’d love to see your #rememberingthesedays photos, please do tag us over on Instagram.



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