The things we miss most

Being an expat is such an integral part of my life now that the things that I missed so desperately at the beginning, the superficial little nuances of life, kind of blend into the background.

I forget about my need for Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, but the proper UK stuff not the anti-melting agent added chocolate from here.  I overlook my desire for pork pies dipped in mayonnaise.  I’m not at all worried about my need for Homepride pasta bake sauce.  We just get on, adapt and change.

Then summer arrives in the Middle East, and with it, soaring temperatures.

And I mean, soaring.

So hot that the water that comes from our cold tap is now hot, the paddling pool is filled with ice in order to cool it down and the tiles under my feet become unbearable, the need for artificial grass that could survive the blasting heat more so than live grass.

paddling pool

We long for outside time, for fresh air that isn’t mixed with sand, to be able to walk outside my front door without a sheen of sweat making my face glow from the humidity.

To be able to run outside.

The world moving from a world of orange, and haze to one of fresh green fields.

use I have a brother I'll always have a friend

It’s five weeks until we board a plane to take us back to England for the summer.  Before then the thermometer is set to get hotter and the humidity even higher.  As of now my car is reading 43° and going forward it’s unlikely to drop any lower.

When summer arrives, it brings with it a renewed longing for those little things we miss.

It brings the nearness of our summer exodus and the joy of planning summer activities in the UK.

Of trips to Thomas Land.

Thomas Land

Feeding the ducks in the park.

feed the ducks

Of being outdoors in general.

Then I got on the phone to my best friend, who I’ve known since I was 11 years old, and we started talking about current fitness plans and fun days out for us alongside the boys.  She’s planing on running the xrunner water wipeout event in Nottingham on the 8th July

I am contemplating running it with her depending on how my bid to fitness continues this summer after signing up for the Doha Evo Fit 6 week summer challenge.

Through all of this I have been busy looking at different obstacle courses and challenges, of course my eldest has seen all of this and now wants to join in on the fun.

With him being my cautious child this is something that we’re looking to encourage, to let him explore and do more adventurous things at his own pace.  Plus, outdoor time is always appreciated.  Being only four, nearly five, he’s a little limited on where he can go.  But lucky for him I discovered he is tall enough to go and have a go on a GoApes Treetop Junior adventure.

And even more luckily for mummy, I also found a way that we could win a £150 voucher to take some of those summer holiday spending pressures off me.

Enter to win £150 GoApe gift voucher

You could also be in with a chance to win a £150 GoApe voucher with Artificial Grass; ends 28th May 2017, winner announced 29th May 2017.

Win £150 GoApe Voucher.


Entrants must be 18 or over. No cash value will be offered as an alternative to the prize.

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