How I’m dressing my boys for dinner on our cruise with Mayoral

Last year we went away in January, with the boys.  They were 3 years old and 8 months respectively.  We were apprehensive, nervous and if truth be told just a little bit terrified.

Not because of the travelling, since the eldest was a dot we’ve dragged him round the world with us and not batted an eye.  When the littlest joined the family he just joined in the fun.


We were nervous for another reason.

We were going cruising.

You know, that silver surfer kind of holiday.

And we took the kids along?!

Turns out we were worried for nothing, and for our family, cruising is the way forward.  You could even say we were converted.

In fact, you can definitely say we are converted as we got home buzzing about the fantastic trip that we had been on.  Then as soon as we were able to we booked another, you know, to give us plenty of time to pay it off.

This time however we are headed on the cruise for Christmas.  In the Caribbean.  And we can’t wait.

When we came back from our last cruise I touched upon what was in the boys suitcase, this year taking two boisterous boys I know a little bit more about what I will and won’t be packing. Particularly for dinner, because whilst cruising has become more relaxed since the days of the Titanic First Class rigidity, there are still dress codes to adhere too.  Dress codes which apply to children too.  Even ones as small as ours.

Dressing for dinner on the cruise

Whilst originally I panicked, I fretted and I contemplated buying a miniature tux, actually being on board showed I was panicking for no reason.

Whilst of course you can grab a tux for the kids I’m not entirely sure that mine would take to it. Though I’m going to try for Christmas Dinner and I have a little bow tie ready for the little one though not the big one.

For the rest of the time, when they come to dinner with us over Kids Club, they will fit with the Evening Casual dress code.

But what does that even mean?

For my boys it means chinos and boys polo shirts particularly on the Black Tie nights.  Just plain coloured polo shirts, smartly ironed and tucked in.

Boys Polo Shirt Mayoral Boys Polo Shirt Mayoral Boys Polo Shirt Mayoral Boys Polo Shirt Mayoral Boys Polo Shirt Mayoral

On standard evening casual nights they can dress down slightly, dark denim and funky boys t-shirts. Still looking smart and good enough to eat.

Boys Mayoral Shirt Boys Mayoral Shirt

Then there are the nights they will eat at kids dinner, before heading to kids club, which is where their day clothes will be good enough followed by pyjamas.

And sleeping babies at kids club while I’m dressed up with my husband on date night?  Well that’s my favourite way to have them dressed.


How I am dressing my boys for a formal dinner on our P&O Cruise this Christmas

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