My kids might be naughty, but I wouldn’t change it for the world

I’m sorry but my kids just aren’t naughty, a bold statement from Katy there.  Kids?  Not naughty?!  I scoffed, pfft, not my life and not my kids.

Before I had the boys I had no idea just how much my life was about to be turned upside down, I had grand plans on how I’d parent, just what they would and wouldn’t do.  My kids wouldn’t be the tantrum throwing, freezer climbing children you see in the supermarket.  They would be the little angels that everyone feels the need to remark upon.

And now?  Nearly five years later with a (f*&^%!g) four year old and two year old in

My kids are not angels.  Far from it.

But, like Katy’s children, they’re not naughty either.

I say this as a mum who carried her two year old out of a Wacky Warehouse earlier today, tucked under one arm with his shoes in my other hand, herding my four year old with my knee to the car.  Screaming blue murder across the car park (the two year old not me)

As the mum who hissed across the table that it was time to sit down and eat.  NOW.  Whilst they casually drop a chip or two on the floor.

As the mum who watched her two year old stick stickers on the wall, admiring his handiwork.  Proud as punch.

As the mum who watches her children dig in the mud (and eat it).  After being told why they shouldn’t.

As the mum who loses her patience, her temper, and shouts.

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I say it after being asked “Mummy why is that lady fat?  Does she eat unhealthy food?” and other such gems.

I say that as the mother of a biter and a hair puller.

I am the mum of two boys.  Two wilful, independent, fierce little boys.

I sit back, I watch, I observe.

My children are not angels.  They do things that are deemed “naughty” in society.

But they are not naughty.

They are learning, they are pushing boundaries, they are testing every day.

And whilst I may not always get comments on how well behaved they are, and yes they may run rings around me on daily occasions, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Because there is plenty of time for them to learn social niceties.  Each occasion they are naughty is an opportunity for me, and my husband, to teach them, to explain and to learn.

And so far, I don’t think we’re doing a bad job.

My boys are polite, well mannered and excitable little boys.  They are a joy to be around, especially when they’re on form.

And naughty or not?

I couldn’t love them any more.

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