Getting Hygge For Winter: A Treat For Mums (Wherever You Are)

Congratulations, you’ve almost made it through another year of motherhood. Being a mum might be the best job in the world, but boy is it a tough one! Giving yourself a treat now and then is a must for not only keeping you sane but making sure you stay healthy too. What better way to treat yourself than by adopting the principles of the Danish concept of hygge? Mums, it’s time to get cosy – and here’s how it’s done.

Secure yourself some ‘me’ time

Hygge is the Danish art of cosiness, a concept that has taken the world by storm and is a great way to look after your mental and physical health through being warm and cosy. For mums, this isn’t always easy, but the first step is to find some time to yourself that you can enjoy with no distractions. Get dad on kid duty or hire a babysitter for a few hours to give you the peace and quiet you need to recharge and give yourself a well-earned break.

Dress the part

Search for photos of hygge, and you’ll soon learn more about the concept – cosy slippers, comfy loungewear and plenty of knitwear. There’s nothing quite like getting into your PJs and chilling out, and is something you can do no matter what climate you live in. Stock up on some cosy essentials – stylish womens dressing gowns make a great gift if you drop some hints, and you’ll soon have the perfect hygge-approved clothing to get you in the mood to relax.

Pamper yourself

Every mum deserves to treat herself, and grooming is something that can soon fall by the wayside when you’ve got children to look after! Use your me time to indulge in some pampering. There are some great ways you can recreate the spa experience at home and enjoy a facial, a manicure or whatever your preferred type of treatment. Indulging in some pampering will make you feel better inside and out, giving you a new burst of life and leaving you feeling like a new woman.

Enjoy some tasty treats

Curling up on the sofa with a cuppa (or wine) and something tasty to eat is the perfect way to indulge yourself and warm you up from the inside. Pick up something luxurious from the shops like your favourite chocolate or bake something sweet to enjoy that homemade taste. This chocolate chip peanut butter cookie recipe is perfect for creating a sweet treat to help complete that hygge feeling. Get your partner to cook or order-in to give yourself the time to relax without distractions.


The concept of hygge can be applied wherever you are, at whatever time of year, but there’s something special about getting cosy during the winter months as the Christmas spirit starts to creep in. Make a vow to yourself to spend more time relaxing to help you enjoy some much-needed me-time and leave you refreshed. One thing’s for sure, once you’ve tried hygge – there’s no going back!

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