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For the most part, expat life is great. But, as with most lifestyles, there are a few drawbacks. One of the issues you have is being able to buy nice presents for your friends and families back home. Often, you can find something suitable and unusual where you live. The problem is that postage can be expensive and in some countries, the postal system is not particularly reliable. That is why for the most part I buy gifts for my friends and family online.

Firms like happily take orders from people who live abroad and will deliver what has been ordered to a different address. Provided you do not leave the ordering to the last minute you are pretty much guaranteed that your gift will arrive in time and in good condition. With Christmas just around the corner, I have been having a look around to find good gifts that can easily be bought online. As you will see, there is a great choice.

Photo related gifts

I have already mentioned canvas prints. These make fantastic gifts, especially if you have some nice snaps of the grandchildren that can be arranged into a collage.

However, there are lots of other photo related gifts that you could potentially order. Amongst my favourites are phone cases, laptop decals, mugs, personalised storybooks and blankets. But really what you can order is only limited by your imagination. This page contains at least 25 different customised photo gifts that you can easily order online.

Food-related gifts

Most people like to try different foods, which is great because you can now order a wide range of food products online. The more unusual they are the better. If you know that someone likes herbal teas a presentation box from one of the better tea manufacturers can make a fantastic present. Chocolates, luxury foods and preserves always make good gifts. Around Christmas time, you can also find a good selection of hampers. The good thing about this type of gift is that the hamper can be kept and used around the home, for years to come.

Experience related gifts

Over the past few years, the giving of experience days as gifts has become increasingly popular. As a result, you can buy vouchers for virtually any activity or type of day out.

However, you do need to be a bit careful when buying this type of gift. It is best to read the small print to make sure it really is suitable for the person you are giving it to. For example, some activity providers have to follow weight, age or height restrictions. You really would not want to inadvertently buy someone a gift that they have no chance of using.

Customised gifts

I really like giving gifts that show I have taken a bit of time over selecting them. Items that can be personalised in some way are ideal for me. It can be something simple like an item that can be engraved with a special message or a beauty box that I have filled with products that I have chosen to please the person I am buying for.

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