How to Prepare for Christmas With Your Little Ones

There are so many fun and exciting ways in which you can prepare for Christmas, and when you have little ones involved it’s always a really special time. No matter how old your children may be, getting them together to help with some festive preparations is a lovely way to get them into the Christmas spirit, whilst also being able to bond with them and spend some much needed time together. Everyone celebrates Christmas in different ways, but there are always a few key preparation features that occur in most households. With Santa’s visit only a few weeks away, here are some great ways in which you can prepare for Christmas and get your little ones involved in all the fun.

Crafted Christmas Cards

Nothing says ‘Merry Christmas’ quite like a beautiful handmade card, and with some input from your youngsters, they can become a really special feature. Whether you’re writing a card for nanna and grandad, aunties and uncles or even some close family friends, you can get your creative juices flowing and create some gorgeous handmade Christmas cards to send out to everyone. Using safe items such as PVA glue, sticky back tape, card, crayons and felt tips, your little one can create some lovely Christmas cards to make someone’s Christmas that little bit more special. This activity is also perfect for getting your child involved in some creative work, keeping their minds flowing and enabling them to put their skills into action, which will result in them having something to be proud of when they have their finished product.

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Festive Baking

Christmas is the perfect time for some festive baking, with so many dinner parties, family gatherings and special events to take your goodies too. From traditional gingerbread men, to Christmas pudding shaped cupcakes and festive cookies, you can find some really fun recipes that are simple to and tasty to eat. We appreciate how important it is for you to keep that cream gloss kitchen neat and tidy, and sticking to traditional festive recipes will help you to have minimal mess, with lots of tasty treats at the end. Baking is always a really fun activity, one which the little ones are always really happy to get involved with, and your guaranteed to have some delicious goodies to enjoy afterwards, not to mention the gorgeous smell flowing throughout the house making it feel even more homely and festive!

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DIY Decorations

Getting the house into the festive spirit is always one of the best ways to kick off the Christmas period. There are so many exciting DIY decoration ideas that you can do with your children to really get them into the festive mood, and with plenty of easy to make ideas you can fill your home with gorgeous arts and crafts that your little one will be really proud of. One of the most popular DIY decoration ideas is bunting, simply fold up some paper and cut out some shapes from the fold. This will then create some gorgeous bunting that you can hang along your wall or doorframes. Similarly, you can look at decorating the Christmas tree with some homemade baubles or a hand-crafted star, getting some fake snow and drizzling it along the windowsills and even making some cute card holders to keep them all in one place. These will really help you to get your little ones involved and hands on, whilst also teaching them lots of important skills at the same time.

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