Types of tooth pain you should never ignore! 

Being a busy parent, often means forgoing that rare night out with friends, not making it to the hairdressers, not finding the time to put any makeup on and sometimes neglecting our health!

One of the main things we neglect is our oral health. But what happens if you have a bit of pain in your teeth or gums? Most will take something for the pain and hope for the best – but did you know that you could be really jeopardising your health by not seeing a dental professional?

Remember, pick up the phone if you need to see an emergency dentist. Don’t put it off! In the meantime, here we’ll look at types of pain that you should never ignore.

Tooth and jaw pain

Pain in your teeth and jaw pain may result from grinding your teeth, or you could have an infected tooth that is causing pain to travel to the jaw. Conditions such as arthritis, gum disease and sinus infection are other possible culprits, so visit your dentist to rule out anything sinister!


Gingivitis, gum disease, periodontal disease, and other oral health issues may or may not cause tooth pain, but there’s a pretty good chance you’ll eventually experience such symptoms if these diseases go untreated. Waiting too long could result in tooth loss and other health concerns, so it’s imperative that you seek professional dental care if you’re dealing with advanced tooth decay.


Abscesses have the potential not only to affect your oral health, but also your overall health. An abscess occurs when pockets of bacteria become trapped, usually around the root of the tooth, under the gum line, or inside the tooth itself.

If untreated, abscesses may spread to surrounding teeth and even the jaw bone. What’s worse, the bacteria can enter your blood stream and begin to form abscesses in other parts of your body, including your heart, potentially leading to fatality in extreme cases.

Swelling and pain are good indicators of an abscess, so if you experience these symptoms, make haste to see your dentist. Antibiotics and other treatments could help to save your tooth and perhaps even save your life.

Cracks and chips

Whether you lead a fairly active lifestyle and you’ve taken a hit or two to the mouth during sports, you suffer from bruxism (grinding and clenching teeth), or you like to chew on pen caps and munch on ice cubes, you could be doing damage to your teeth. Chips and cracks are not only unsightly; they can also provide a point of ingress for the bacteria that causes tooth decay and other potentially dangerous oral health issues.

If you notice a chip or crack and you start to feel pain around the area, it’s definitely time for a trip to your dentist.


This isn’t the worst that can happen to your teeth, but cavities are far from harmless, especially when left untreated. Not all cavities will cause tooth pain, but if they’ve advanced far enough that you’re feeling sensitivity or outright pain, they’re serious enough to see your local dentist.

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