Keeping Your Home Cosy on a Budget

Having stepped off the plane in the UK last week we were taken aback by how cold it was.  My two year old has never known cold before having lived in the Middle East his whole life, returning home for soggy English summers.

As we retreated into the warmth at the hotel and huddled in the bed, we were at once thankful for the heating that was on.  Then talk turned to “what if we moved back to the UK” and the fact that we’d have a heating bill land upon our doormat.  Something which doesn’t happen here.

Looking into it a little bit further I was relieved to see that staying warm doesn’t mean spending all the coppers in your budget.

Then my husband reminded me we’ve no plans to move home in the near future anyway…

Shop around for the best fuel or power deals

The most important step you can take is to shop around for the best deal. You need to do this whether you use heating oil, electric or gas. If you are looking for a good place to buy home heating oil you just need to click the link. They offer a planned delivery service that keeps your tank full, but does so with as few deliveries per year, as possible. This efficient way of delivering oil allows them to keep their overheads low. The best firms share these savings with their customers by offering those who are prepared to accept their heating oil at a time that suits the oil distributor.

Sort out any draughts

Over time, the fabric of a building stretches, shrinks and moves. This means that gaps start to develop between the windows, doors and walls. When that happens, a home can quickly become very draughty. Hot air escapes and cold air gets in. The only way to combat this is to spend more money and turn the heating up.

Every year, it is worth going around your home checking for draughts. When you find their source fix them. Good quality draught exclusion products do not cost a lot of money and are easy to use. This article explains the best way to get this task done.

Bleed your radiators

If you have not bled your radiators for a while, do so. It is really easy to do and can make a huge difference to how efficiently your radiators work.


Consider re-arranging your furniture

It is important to make sure that the hot air your radiators produce can circulate freely. Pull your sofa away from the radiator. In a room that is heated by a central fire, considering drawing your chairs and sofa closer to the heat source. This makes a surprising difference.

Put down some rugs

Putting some rugs down is a great way to make a room look cosier. Plus, if you have floorboards, it can really help to keep the draughts down. Laying rugs on top of hard floors will also make walking around your home far more pleasant. Nothing will make you feel colder than having cold feet.

Making a room look cosier also helps it to feel warmer.  Lighting is essential to this, a lamp or two goes a long way and I love the lighting options that can be found on Furniture in Fashion.

A few nice cushions and throws can really give a room a lift. Plus, the throws are great for snuggling up under of the weather takes a turn for the worse.  



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