How to get the right binoculars for traveling

When it comes to buying a new optical instrument and finding out whether it might be useful for you whenever you want to travel, binoculars are at the top of the list. Why’s that? Well, they’re particularly versatile, because you can use some in various situations such as for safaris, for looking at animals at the zoo, and a variety of other purposes where you can’t get closer to the object or animal you want to visualize.

On top of that, some models are so good at what they are supposed to do that they can even be used for surveillance purposes. But how should you go about things if you’re having trouble telling which pair of travel binoculars is the right one for you and your family? Check out the tips below.

The size and weight actually matter

If you want to travel light, you should concentrate on getting the best compact pair of binoculars you can afford. The thing is that some optical components can be rather heavy, so what you should do is to check whether the model you are thinking of investing your cents in comes with a cover or case that’s developed from a lightweight material.

Otherwise, the unit will hang heavy around your neck, and not everyone in your family might be able to hold it properly. Sure, you can use some sort of stabilization system like a tripod — but who takes a tripod with them whenever they go on vacation?

Field of view and magnification

These two are some of the most essential features you should consider. While the magnification does matter a lot, it is not the most important thing in the world. In fact, the bigger the magnification, the less likely it is for you to look at an image that isn’t shaky.

Your point of interest should be considered when you’re trying to tell whether the field of view is good enough. If you want to look at birds flying, for instance, you need the largest FoV possible.

The diameter of the objective lens is another feature you ought to keep in mind. In theory, the bigger it is, the better, and that’s because it allows more light to go inside the binocular, which makes the image look clearer and brighter. But models that come with big lenses, like stargazing binoculars, for example, are hefty.

It’s all in the grip

As we were saying, the exterior of the binoculars also makes the difference when it comes to good user experience. You have to know that you can hold the optical device properly in your hands and that it doesn’t accidentally slip. If the exterior is made of rubber, it will provide a decent grip.

To protect your binoculars when you are not using them, you need to get a case or buy a model that comes with one. Always make sure that your kids are handling the device properly, especially if it cost a lot of money.

But if you don’t want to be bothered by this, you can also get binoculars that are made specifically with children in mind. Although they might look like toys, they’re easy to use, and the kid will at least have the feeling that he or she is using similar binoculars as you are.

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