How to Make Friends Abroad as an Expat

Working abroad is an exciting time and an opportunity that many of us would jump at the chance at. If you are about to become an expat, we are sure you are feeling a whole mix of emotions right now. While this can be an exciting experience, it can also be quite stressful and a little daunting, especially if you are moving to a foreign country where you do not previously know anyone. However, you have come to the right place as here we are going to be taking you through some great ways that you can make friends abroad.

Choose Roommates Wisely

The first thing that you will need to do as an expat is find a place to live and this is your first opportunity to make some new friends in the country you will be living and working in. Of course, with a roommate there will be certain expectations such as someone who will help with cooking, cleaning and so on so forth, but there is also the potential to become great friends with your roommates as long as you choose wisely! You will quickly find that your roommates will become the closest thing that you have to family when living abroad and so it is important that you can not only live with them in the apartment but also socialise with them outside of it.

Be A Yes Person

If you are trying to make friends abroad, then this won’t happen if you say no to all social invitations and stay in your apartment all day. Make sure that, at least for a while, you become a yes person and take part in as many social events as you can to meet new people and widen your social circle.

Try Activities That Are Outside of the Norm

As an expat, you will already be out of your comfort zone so why not push yourself even further? Ever thought about attending a book club back home but never got around to it? Then why not do that now while you have the opportunity abroad and also make some new friends with similar interests while you do so! Take into account your surroundings, for example if you live near the right terrain you may want to join a hillwalking club or if you live near lakes or rivers, you may want to sign up for kayaking lessons. This does not have to cost you much and you can make sure that you get the very best equipment for your budget by visiting review sites such as Best Kayak Reviews. Signing up for classes really is the best way to make friends as everyone will be in the same position and it is easier to strike up a conversion.

Don’t Discount People You Work With

Finally, another way to socialise and make new friends is through your workplace. While there may be a wide range of people working there from all different backgrounds, cultures, races and ages, this melting pot of people can provide the perfect opportunity to make friends with people that you can have fun with and that can educate you too.

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