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In a little less than two weeks we will be hopping on a plane and travelling back to Qatar as our summer exodus in England comes to an end.  Two planes actually.  With a stop in Muscat before landing home.

The problem is that although the boys think that they would love nothing more than to plug themselves into the entertainment system for the whole time we’re on a plane, the reality is that they will get bored, or restless, or both, and will be demanding something else to do.

Last time I thought I had combatted this by buying a load of sticker books and writing books in the airport, then I left them on the first plane so that was the end of that.

This time I am prepared, thanks to the lovely Leanne and Candice from My Busy Bots.

Prepared I hear you say, how so?  You have two weeks left and you are renowned for leaving your packing until the morning of the flight.

Why yes, yes I am.  However thanks to Leanne and Candice I have something up my sleeve.

Enter the Limited Edition Busy Bots Travel Bags

And I have two of them in my possession ready for two weeks time.

Only available during peak holiday season, when they’re sold out, they’re gone.  (And the very first bags are already sold out!).

The difference between these travel bags and the packs I put together myself, is that everything is reusuable.  There is no sticking all the stickers then complaining that they’re all gone and planes are BORING.  Likewise, it means that once we leave the plane their favourites can be used again and again.  A lifesaver when you’re somewhere with no toys and you’re tempted to reach for those dreaded screens.

my busy botsmy busy bots

Hero Racers Travel Bag

Themed around all things hero and those that have wheels.

From a build your own car (perfect for my five year old who is obsessed with making things) to a racing snail that is sure to make him giggle.  A throwback to the wiggly furry worm I remember from my childhood and a ninja snap bracelet that will provide hours of fun.

The bag contains 13 different pieces to make your journey a little bit easier.  And my personal favourite is the lollipop (that I always forget) to ease little ears.

my busy bots my busy bots my busy bots my busy bots

Animal Magic Travel Bag

Themed around all things animals surprisingly.

This bag has been claimed by the three year old, I believe the words were gimme, gimme, gimme.

Again providing lots of pieces around the theme, mini colourful animals, a bug keyring who’s eyes bulge, the mini magnifying glass and a mini slinky to name but a few.

This little monster managed to get into his lollipop already mind you…

my busy bots my busy bots my busy bots

Why I love My Busy Bots Travel Bags

They are more than just a travel bag filled with toys to keep your kids occupied.  There are specific reasons why each toy has been added to the bag working on key educational skills; fine motor skills, cognitive skills, visual perceptual skills and life skills, without them realising they are learning.

They think they are just colouring?  No they are working on their fine motor skills.

They think that they are just making the wiggly worm wiggle?  No, it’s more than that they are busy visually tracking and planning where it needs to go.

They think they are just playing?  No they are working on a variety of life skills and learning always.

And me?  Well I’m hoping that I can watch a film in peace for once this flight.

my busy bots

post written in collaboration with My Busy Bots

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