Our Gender Reveal: We are having a …

A little over 8 weeks ago I announced my third pregnancy to the world.

A new teeny tiny pair of feet coming into our family ready for Christmas.

Since then my pregnancy has advanced at an alarming rate, I’ve been referred through to the Perinatal Mental Health team due to anxiety around previous birth trauma and somehow I’ve already reached the halfway point.

The magical twenty weeks.

The scan which can tell you whether you’re cooking a boy or a girl. The scan which, until this pregnancy, we always asked to look away when we reached that point of the scan.

This time? This time we have found out what’s cooking in time for Christmas.  This time we can have our gender reveal before the baby arrives.

We know whether the boys will be welcoming a new baby sister, or baby brother.

And to say they are excited is an understatement.

So without further ado, here it is, our gender reveal.

We are having a…

pregnancy gender reveal pregnancy gender reveal pregnancy gender reveal pregnancy gender reveal

That’s right, come Christmas time there will be three little boys all waiting for Santa to come knocking.

And we can’t wait!


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