What to do with my broken iPhone?

After a few years hard work my old and trusty iPhone SE has finally given up the ghost.

I know, I can hardly believe it.

However, rather than mourn it’s passing I have been somewhat celebratory in the fact that it means I can upgrade to the rather snazzy iPhone 8, complete with pink hard cover to protect it from my clumsiness.

Yet I am still left with a sad and broken iPhone.  What’s a girl to do?

Option 1: Sell the broken iPhone

Well, there is my first option.  Bag myself some cash towards it’s shiny new replacement and sell my broken iPhone.

For my iPhone SE I could get up to £149, which would go some way towards appeasing my bank balance.

I mean money doesn’t grow on trees now does it?

But that just didn’t seem a fitting celebration of the lifeblood that was my (now) poor broken iPhone.

Option 2: Hold a state funeral for the broken iPhone

I mean, a couple of hymns, full pomp and burial in the garden next to our (only) surviving tree.

Time well spent in honouring and remembering how useful my beautiful broken iPhone was back in the days.  The glory in upgrading from the cheap Samsung smartphone I had previously.  The beauty in it’s rose gold (otherwise known as pink) colouring.

After all if Operation London Bridge is in place for the Queen, why shouldn’t I have something similar for my iPhone?  Come to think of it, maybe I need to put plans in place for the end of life for my new phone….

Option 3: Give the broken iPhone to the kids

For some reason my children adore all things technology.  They have no qualms about swiping their way through an iPad and are desperate to have some hardware of their own.

However, mean Mummy and Daddy say no – the perils of smartphones and all that jazz.

Yet, I see nothing wrong with encouraging a little bit of imaginative play and as the screen is not smashed on my phone it’s not really posing much of an issue if I lob it in the toy box for them to play with.

Option 4: Fix the broken iPhone

Of course – I could always fix the broken iPhone….

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