4 Easy style steals to add a touch of glamour to your home

We all wish our homes and interiors were a little more glam, but it’s not always easy when you have little ones running around, mountains of toys and kids games and maybe the scent of a recent nappy change in the air… We can spend hours on Pinterest, searching through magazines and watching our favourite reality TV families for a little glamour inspiration but did you know that you don’t have to spend a fortune to make it look like you have a fortune?

It’s true, all you’re going to need are a few subtle touches here and there and your home will looking fabulous in no time – regardless of how many little angels you have running around. Don’t believe me? Then read on for 4 easy style steals that will add a touch of glamour to your home.

Your lighting

In the world of glamour, lighting is everything. So your home should adopt the same principal. If your living-room is looking dark and dingy, then you’re going to need to elevate it with some beautiful lighting – check out LED Hut for a little inspiration. You’ll be surprised how instantly a new light fixture can change the look and feel of a room; especially if it’s chrome or has a touch of sparkle on it.

If your living-room has dark corners or areas that aren’t as well lit, then invest in a few table lamps or corner pieces to help lift the mood. If you’re worried about little hands pulling things over, then consider installing a couple of floating shelves to keep the lights on. Just keep them clutter free. Speaking of clutter…

It’s time for a clear out!

Check out every home you’ve ever wished was yours and guaranteed it’s totally clutter free. I know it’s not practical when you have children at home – we all know kids have a lot of stuff – but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep on top of it.

Aim to go through things at home every couple of months, starting with old/broken toys that have fallen out of favour. The same goes for knick-knacks and old bits and bobs that don’t really have a home. Keep your counters clear and clutter free. If you can’t bare to part with some things, then invest in some stylish storage solutions that will keep things out of sight and out of reach!

Flower Power

We know that fresh flowers can be an expensive accessory, so why not fake it until you make it? You can buy beautiful false flowers from a wide range of homeware shops, they’ll last forever, you can swap them for different styles depending on your mood or the time of year and you can put them in a vase that’s stylish and glamourous. Easy.

Go metallic

It doesn’t have to be real gold or silver, but glamour does demand some metallic overtones. You don’t need to overdo it; something simple like spray painted photo frames, or a gold/silver mirror, vases or jewellery stands. Simple.

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