Car knowledge, or lack thereof

Last week my car decided to provide me with an all out rave.  An actual disco party.

We got into the car after we went to a pub quiz, with my husband really taking advantage of my designated driver status, and the lights on my dashboard then proceeded to put on a little show.

Flickering on.  Flickering off.  We were in the car checking the headlights worked.  Out the car checking the indicators worked.  And from the outside the car looked fine and dandy.  Inside?  The disco.

We drove around the car park, a couple of loops as you do, just to check it wasn’t us being crazy.  It wasn’t.  They were definitely on the blink.  Then just like that they came back to life and we drove home pondering why we were subjected to a dance party.

Car knowledge, or lack thereof

The next day we had realised that we had a battery fault.  Easily solved by popping to the garage where they confirmed our suspicions with a handy little pack thing.  I know, my technical know-how is astounding.  Leaving the bonnet up as I wandered across to the cash point to get cash, the new battery was in place by the time I got back to the car.

Hey presto, jobs a goodun.

Yet it left me thinking about my lack of car knowledge and general know how.  I’ve  played the complete damsel in distress when my car had a flat tyre calling my dad to the rescue.  And I’ve gleefully instructed my husband that he was doing it all wrong as he changed a tyre at Dublin Airport.

With the advent of Google and YouTube to make things easier for me I wondered how much I actually knew.

So I took the Kwik Fit #TYRECHALLENGE quiz for drivers old and new to see how I would do.

And on the face of it – not too badly at 8 out of 10.

Though if I am being honest if anything went wrong with the car I would be the first person onto Google, onto YouTube, onto my husband, and most likely onto the garage.  Though this has given me some comfort in the fact that if any warning lights come on, any further discos, or any tyre issues then I would know to pull over and get the help I need.

How do you score?

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